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€65.00 - €495.00

Shirt Type

The SS Lazio sweatshirt was produced by Puma for the 2001/2002 season and is still in perfect condition.

Inside there is still the manufacturer's label with the size M.


Light blue full zip model with navy blue details. Embroidered team patch on heart side. 

Siemens commercial sponsor and Puma technical sponsor also applied in flock on the back.

Comfortable zipped side pockets. Elastic at waist and wrists for a better fit.


Crespo, Simone Inzaghi, Lopez.


Lazio polo shirt from the early 1990s made by Umbro appears to be in good condition. 

Inside, the size label is no longer legible.

Dimensions: height 74 cm, width 60 cm.


The blue colour is slightly faded, classic polo collar and three-button closure, all intact.

Short sleeve model with embroidered Umbro logo and lettering. On the front pocket with SS Lazio crest with a small hole. 


Lazio's third jersey of the 2014/2015 season looks like new.

Inside the collar is the XXL jersey.


Short-sleeved model in white with vertical stripes in light blue.

SS Lazio logo embroidered on the heart side and Macron technical sponsor on the right.

Personalisation CANA 27 on the back and Tim Cup A patch applied on the right sleeve.


Vintage SS Lazio polo shirt made by Umbro for the 1994/1995 season, appears in perfect condition.

Intact fabric and colours.

Also present inside the manufacturer's label with size XL.


The fabric is soft to the touch with 97.5% cotton and 2.5% polyester. Button-down collar in perfect condition. 

Closure with 3 buttons intact. Front side in SS Lazio coat-of-arms embroidery. 

Right side in embroidered logo and lettering technical sponsor UMBRO. 

Side label with washing instructions and replacement button. 


SS Lazio training jersey made by Umbro for the 1993/1994 season, preserved in excellent condition.

No colour discontinuity, texture and pattern intact.


Blue mandarin collar with contrasting central flap in light blue. Short-sleeve model with sublimated Umbro logo on both. 

On the front centre sublimation Umbro logo and lettering technical sponsor, just below in flok SS Lazio crest. 


 SS Lazio shorts made by Umbro. 


Shorts kept in good condition. 
White with blue and sky-blue details, no colour discontinuity. 
Elastic drawstring waistband with a small yellow stain. 
The fabric is soft to the touch. 
The SS Lazio crest is embroidered on the front right leg. 
On the left leg embroidered logo and lettering in technical sponsor UMBRO. 
On the back small defects  


Vintage sweatshirt Lazio made by Umbro. 


Sweatshirt SS Lazio kept in good condition. 
Model half zipper working.
No color discontinuity. 
Small imperfection of stitching near the neck. 
On the front side heart stitched coat of arms SS Lazio. 
Right side main sponsor CIRIO sewn. 
At the center in the paint technical sponsor Umbro. 
On the back side both technical sponsor and main sponsor in paint. 

Season: 1993/1994

training jersey lazio umbro

SS Lazio training jersey made by Umbro


SS Lazio training version jersey kept in excellent conditions. 
Does not present discontinuity of color. 
Texture and fantasy intact. 
Blue mandarin collar with central flap in contrasting blue.
Model short sleeves and both in sublimation Umbro logo. 
On the front in the center logo and lettering in sublimation Umbro technical sponsor. 
Just below in flok coat of arms SS Lazio. 
Internal label size XL. 


SS LAzio Home Jersey made by Puma for the 2005/2006 season with ZAURI 8 personalization. 


The jersey is in excellent condition and has no color irregularities. 

The seams are intact. 

Short sleeve model with intact piping. 

On the front the coat of arms of SS Lazio is in embroidery heart side. 

Right side in flok PUMA logo. 

The shirt has no commercial sponsors. 

On the back in excellent condition in light plastic ZAURI 8. 


SS Lazio 3 days from the end of the season is hit by a football scandal that costs him first the relegation and then only 30 points for the current championship and 11 for the next one. Zauri, however, confirms himself as the player with the most presence together with Rocchi.

Season: 2016/2017

2004/2005 lazio puma home jersey di canio 9

SS Lazio Away Jersey made for the 2016/2017 season by technical sponsor Macron and personalised by LULIC 11


SS Lazio Away jersey for the 2016/2017 season. 

The jersey is kept in excellent condition and bright colours. 

On the front left side in embroidery the shield of Lazio and on the right side the logo of technical sponsor MACRON.

On the back the personalization is intact LULIC 11. 

The label shows size M. 


Lulic, who has now become the flagship of Ss Lazio, made 200 appearances in the biancoceleste shirt in the 2016/2017 season.

Season: 2019/2020

2019/2020 lazio jersey away j.correa 11

SS Lazio Home Jersey made by Macron for the 2019/2020 football season with personalisation J.CORREA 11


SS Lazio Home Jersey for the 2019/2020 season.

The jersey is in perfect condition and has no discontinuity of colour.

In light blue with alternating stripes of lighter and darker shades. 

Korean collar in contrasting white. 

Short sleeves with contrasting white piping. 

On the front left side with SS Lazio shield and Italy Cup ribbon on the right side Macron technical sponsor logo. 

On the back customization J. CORREA 11 IN PERFECT CONDITION. 


J. Correa is definitively sold to Lazio on 1 August 2018 and his appearances in the Coppa Italia competition were decisive, scoring against AC Milan to reach the semi-finals and the second when he brought home his first trophy in biancioceleste. On 22 December 2019, however, he took the field as a starter against Juventus to play the Super Cup winning his second title with SS Lazio.


Lazio jersey kept in excellent condition, the fabric is intact and without defects.

Present inside the heat-sealed label of the manufacturer with the size M.


Home model of the 2016/2017 season, light blue with white collar and side details. The team patch is embroidered on the heart side, while the Macron writing is on the right.

On the back are printed lettering LUKAKU and the number 6.

Also applied on the right sleeve is the Serie A patch.


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