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€15.00 - €1,480.00
Season: 2010/2011

2010/2011 Lazio Puma Jacket

2010/2011 Lazio Puma Jacket. The jacket in question was made by the manufacturer Puma for the Lazio Lazio company. The label shows size M.

The product can be admired from the various photos. The jacket has long sleeves, with a long zip in the center and its predominant color is light blue, although in the upper section there is white and black and pearl gray inserts ; the club logo is applied to the top left, while on the opposite side, even higher up, we find the black one of Puma, the Lazio technical sponsor.

On the back, on the white section, the black wording 's.s.lazio 1990' is applied.

Season: 1994/1995

1994/1995 Lazio Umbro Jacket

1994/1995 Lazio Umbro Jacket. Jacket made by Umbro for the Lazio Lazio sports club, which over the years has managed to win the title of Italian champion in two years. Size M.

The product is clearly visible from the various photos referring to it. The jacket has long sleeves and closes with a long zip or buttons; the prevailing colors are blue, as regards a large part of the article, including the sleeves (here we have an alternation between the club logo and the Umbro logo on vertical blue bands), and light blue which is substantially towards the end ; the Lazio logo appears at the top left while on the opposite side there is the white wording UMBRO, technical sponsor.

On the back, on the blue section, the white UMBRO logo is applied, with its name underneath.

Season: 1990/1991

1990/1991 Umbro Lazio Jacket

1990/1991 Umbro Lazio Jacket. Jacket created by the Umbro producer The SS Lazio sports club, which, together with Rome, represents the city of Rome in the Italian football championship, the capital of Italy. Size xl.

The product is clearly visible from the various photos. The jacket is long -sleeved, with a zipper that reaches the abdomen, and is made up of different chromatic and geometric sections: at chest, the main color is white; Here we find the club logo on the left and on the right the blue logo of Umbro, technical sponsor of Lazio formation; After this section we have a large blue horizontal band; Once this is overcome, there is a triangle with a white background color crossed by small vertical blue stripes; The bottom of the jacket, on the other hand, is completely celestial; On the sleeves, except for the section in white color, the same chromatic situation is repeated, especially as regards the shoulders, in blue, and the rest of the arms beyond the elbow, in celestial shades.


Lazio pennant made for sports competitions in the 90s. White background with the emblem of the sports club on one side and the Italian tricolor on the other side.


Polo model Lazio jersey, with long sleeves, made by the technical sponsor Umbro, in collaboration with the commercial sponsor Cirio, for the 1996/1997 season. Model compliant with the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic evidence. XL size

The jersey is gray with 3 dark buttons that close the neckline.

Coat of arms of the sports club sewn on the heart side, together with the brand of the commercial sponsor Cirio. Logo of the technical sponsor Umbro, in white, on the right side.


Lazio celebratory jersey made by the technical sponsor Puma for the 2003/2004 football season. Autographs of the Biancocelesti athletes on the back. Model compliant with the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic evidence. Size M

The Lazio jersey is light blue with white inserts on the shoulders and sleeves. Crewneck in white and light blue.

Lazio crest sewn on the heart side and Puma technical sponsor logo on the chest. Autographs of the Biancocelesti athletes on the back.

Season: 2001/2002

2001/2002 Lazio Puma jacket

SS Lazio winter jacket produced by Puma for the 2001/2002 vintage. The product is clearly visible from the attached photos. XL size

Dark blue bench jacket. The logo of the technical sponsor Puma is embroidered on the front while it is thermo applied on the back, the commercial sponsor Siemens Mobile is applied. The club crest is sewn on.

In the 2001/2002 football season, Lazio finished Serie A finishing in sixth place


Lazio representation tracksuit made by the technical sponsor Macron for the 2013/2014 season. The product looks like in the photo. Size L

Model in blue and light blue acetate material, the manufacturer's logo is embroidered, while the emblem of the Lazio Sports Society is sewn. the SS Lazio lettering is shown on the back.

The 2012/2013 season saw Petković and Reja take turns on the bench, the latter remaining on the Biancoceleste bench until the end of the season


SS Lazio shirt made by Puma for the 1998/1999 football season by the club's technical sponsor Puma. The product is faithfully presented as in the attached photos. Inner size L.

Black in color with a flared neckline and a knit polo collar, with long sleeves. Sponsor Cirio and Puma logo made in fock. Patch celebrating the victory in the Coppa Italia in flock, stitched Lazio crest. On the back there is the Stankovic 20 customization

In 1998 the Italian adventure of Dejan Stankovic began, coming from the Red Star of Belbgrado, the Serbian in his first season collected 42 appearances and 9 goals in total

Season: 1989/1990

Lazio basic 80's T-shirt

T-shirt dedicated to SS Lazio fans made in the 80s. Product made by Basic. Label in size XL

T-shirt with pattern made in sublimatic which shows the lettering of the biancoceleste club and the crest of the same club. Crew-neck model, with short sleeves, dedicated to the supporters of the biancoceleste team.

Season: 1992/1993

1992/1993 Lazio training shirt

SS Lazio training T-shirt produced by Umbro, technical sponsor of the biancocelesti for the 1992/1993 football season. The product corresponds to the attached photos. XL size.

Product of the training line supplied to the Lazio club, with V-neck. The commercial sponsor Banca di Roma and the technical sponsor Umbro are sublimated into the weave. Heart side club crest. Model with short sleeve V-neck.

At the beginning of the 1992/1993 season, the Lazio president Cragnotti bought Beppe Signori from Foggia, the player with 26 goals won the top scorer

Season: 2001/2002

2001/2002 Lazio Puma jacket

Lazio jacket made by the technical sponsor Puma in the 2001/2002 season in excellent condition. Model compliant with the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic evidence. Size L.

The Lazio team jacket with hood is yellow, with black stitching and full black zip closure. Just below the chest there is a thin horizontal stripe that embraces the entire circumference, while on the left side the emblem of the sports club is sewn and on the right side the logo of the technical sponsor Puma, in black, which is referred to in a larger format on the back of the product.

The 2001/2002 season was not brilliant for the players of the biancoceleste team, who did not pocket any trophies and ended the championship by placing themselves in sixth place in the Serie A standings. The poor results led the president Cragnotti to replace the coach Dino Zoff on the bench with coach Alberto Zaccheroni.


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