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Marchetti 22 Away Goalkeeper Shirt produced by the technical sponsor Kappa in the 2020/2021 football season. Size L.

Short-sleeved model, gray with fuchsia inserts. Team crest on the heart side, Kappa logo on the right. In the center Commercial Sponsor Banca Sistema. On the sleeve there is the Serie A patch and the SynLab Sponsor.

On the back the MARCHETTI personalization with the number 22.

  • New

Genoa Perin 1 Goalkeeper Shirt produced by the technical sponsor Lotto in the 2017/2018 football season. Size XXL.

Crew-neck model with short sleeves. Heart side team crest with lettering The oldest club in Italy, on the right Lotto and Zentiva logo. At the center Commercial Sponsor Eviva Luce e Gas. The Serie A patch is visible on the sleeve.

On the back the PERIN personalization with the number 1.

  • New

Genoa Schöne 20 Away shirt produced by the technical sponsor Kappa in the 2021/2022 football season. Size L.

White short-sleeved model with red and blue inserts. On the right Kappa logo, in the center Commercial Sponsor Zentiva and team crest applied. On the right sleeve there is the Italian Cup patch.

On the back the SCHONE personalization with the number 20.

  • New

Genoa Amelia 32 Goalkeeper Shirt produced by the technical sponsor Asics in the 2009/2010 season. Size XL.

Black long-sleeved model with red-blue collar. Team crest on the heart side, Asics logo on the right. At the center commercial sponsor Gaudi Jeans & Style. Lega Calcio Serie A patch on the right sleeve.

On the back the AMELIA personalization with the number 32.

  • New

Genoa Immobile 17 Home Shirt produced by the technical sponsor Lotto in the 2012/2013 season. Size L.

The uniform has short sleeves in blue and red. On the sleeves we find the Sponsor Lotto logo and the Serie A Tim patch. On the front, the Genoa coat of arms with the lettering 'The oldest club in Italy' and the commercial sponsor Izi Play.

On the back the IMMOBILE personalization with the number 17 in white.

Season: 1994/1995

1994/1995 genoa errea jacket

Genoa jacket produced by the technical sponsor Errea in the 1994/1995 season. Size S.


Genoa training shirt with polo collar and stitched or painted applications. Vintage product made by the technical sponsor Erreà. Size not available.

Season: 1991/1992

1991/1992 genoa errea jacket

Genoa jacket produced by the technical sponsor Errea in the 1991/1992 football season. S size

The jacket comes in a smart blue color with a full zip fastening, featuring a white zip and red inserts adding a touch of vibrancy. On the heart side, we find the club crest together with the commercial sponsor Sicur Commerciale Italiana. On the opposite side and on the back, the logo of the technical sponsor Errea is present in a larger format, highlighting the partnership with the club.

Genoa, coached by Osvaldo Bagnoli, had a good season in the 1991/1992 championship, collecting 29 points and making their debut in the European cups.

  • -40%
Season: 1998/1999

1998/1999 Genoa Away Jersey Kappa Francioso 9

1998/1999 Genoa Away Jersey Kappa Francioso 9. Jersey of the former footballer, in the role of striker, Cosimo Francioso, at the time a member of the Genoese club.

The product can be clearly seen from the various photos. The shirt is short-sleeved, has a blue stand-up collar with yellow and red edges and the edges of the sleeves in red and blue, although its predominant color is white; on the sleeves there is the repeated white logo of Kappa, technical sponsor, on two vertical bands, one red and one blue; at the top left there is the club logo, while on the opposite side there is the red one of Kappa; under these elements, the commercial sponsor, FESTIVAL CROCIERE, is applied.

On the back, in large size and in blue, there is the writing FRANCIOSO and the number 9.


Asics Genoa Shorts. Shorts marked by the signature and style of Asics for the rossoblu football club Genoa. A famous symbol of the Genoese team is the griffin. There are no precise references on the size of the article.

The product is well highlighted by the photos inherent to it. The shorts are mainly composed with the color white; at the ends of the article there are two small horizontal bands, on one side in red and on the other in blue; at the bottom left, the logo of Asics, the club's technical sponsor, is applied in blue, with an accompanying wording, while on the opposite side we find the club logo.


Genoa Lotto Shorts. Shorts made by the manufacturer Lotto for the football club Genoa, who can proudly claim the fact that they were the first football club to be founded in Italy.

The product is clearly visible from the following photos. The shorts feature a dark blue color; on the left side of the article there is the logo of Lotto, technical sponsor of the rossoblu, with an attached wording nearby, while on the opposite side, on the right, the club logo appears.


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