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€60.00 - €330.00

1998/1999 Goalkeeper Jersey Turin Kelme Pastine 12. Shirt of the former Turin goalkeeper during the 1998/1999 season Luca Pastine, in the granata nursery in 1991/1992.

The product can be clearly seen from the various photos. The shirt has long sleeves and the color that characterizes it is black; at the top center is the wording KELME, technical sponsor, in white; below this, the club logo is applied; further down, we find a large SDA writing, in white, which represents the commercial sponsor of the grenade; the LEGA CALCIO patch is also applied on the right sleeve.

The word PASTINE and the number 12 appear on the back, in enormous dimensions and in gray colour.


1997/1998 Torino Kelme Tracksuit . In that year, the grenades competed until the end with Perugia in the Serie B football championship for fourth place in the standings, but, in addition to this, they also lost the play-offs against the Umbrian team to access the top flight championship.

The conditions of the following product can be assessed from the many photos related to it. The suit is made up of a pearl gray top closed by a zip and black trousers with garnet inserts; on the front, at chest level, the zipper divides two large horizontal maroon bands in half, both at the top and bottom, while in the middle it breaks up a black geometric composition into two equal parts, similar to a large bow: the same geometric composition and chromatic is repeated on the sleeves; even higher up, but slightly off to the left, the Turin logo is embroidered; always a little off to the right, however, the black wording of the technical sponsor, Kelme, is embroidered, complete with a logo above it in grenade and black.

On the back of the tracksuit shirt we find the same stylistic situation in maroon and black as on the front, but this time the name of the technical sponsor and its logo, both conceived in black but applied in velvet, stand out more due to the significantly increased dimensions .


1997/1998 Torino Kelme Match Jersey. Torino Calcio played in the Serie B championship in that year, finishing in fifth place in the standings. One of the most representative players in the grenade ranks was striker Marco Ferrante, who scored eighteen times in the tournament.

The photos give a good idea of what the product is like. The shirt, mainly in the classic garnet color, has short sleeves, and is particularly distinguished by the presence of a black stand-up collar with a small garnet stripe that follows its circular shape; in the front section, top left, the logo of the Turin team is embroidered; on the opposite side of the logo there is the name of the technical sponsor, Kelme, in sublimation and in white; the name of the commercial sponsor, SDA, stands out in the center of the shirt, again in white and in sublimation.

On the other hand, the back of the shirt is completely garnet colored and has no distinctive feature.


Venezia training jersey, with long sleeves, made by the technical sponsor Kelme, in collaboration with the commercial sponsor Emmezeta, for the athletes of the 2002/2003 season. Model conforming to the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic findings and still with tag. XL size

The Venezia jersey is gray with black and white inserts on the sides and arms. The cuffs and collar are black.

Coat of arms of the sports club sewn on the heart side, logo of the technical sponsor Kelme applied on the right side and reproduced, in a larger format on the back. Branding of the commercial sponsor legible on the chest.

  • -35%

Real Madrid sweatshirt made by the technical sponsor Kelme for the 1994/1995 season, in collaboration with the commercial sponsor Teka. Model compliant with the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic evidence. Size not specified.

The Spanish team sweatshirt is dark purple, with purple and light lilac inserts. On the sleeves and along their entire lengths there is a fabric stripe with the colors dark blue, purple and light lilac, on which the brand and the logo of the sponsor Kelme are consecutively recalled. The emblem of the sports club is sewn on the heart side, the Kelme lettering is legible on the right side, also shown on the back, and in the center of the model instead that of the commercial sponsor Teka.

Real Madrid is the football club with the most prestigious trophy cabinet in the world and in the 1994/1995 season, thanks to coach Jorge Valdano, they pocketed first place in the Primera Division.

Season: 1998/1999

torino parente 21 away jersey

The Torino jersey appears to be in good condition. The fabric shows some signs of wear. Dimensions: 68 cm long and 52 cm wide.


The away version of the Torino jersey, is made in white color with red details. The sleeve is short and the polo neck also carries a button at the neckline. The Torino patch is in embroidery. While the Kelme technical sposnor is in sublimation on the right side. On the back, red PARENT lettering and the number 20 are printed. The commercial sponsor is SDA. 


  • -35%

Fiorentina tracksuit appears to be in perfect condition, the velvet it is made of still feels soft and smooth. Inside label present with size M.


Fiorentina tracksuit manufactured by Kelme. Model consists of full zipper sweatshirt and pants with drawstring and ankle zippers. The tracksuit is made of warm velvet in blue, purple and white color and has convenient pockets. Club patch is in embroidery on the heart side and Kelme logo on the right side.

  • -40%

The jacket is in excellent condition with a working zipper. The Hummel size 8 label is still present on the inside.


Full-zip model in blue, light blue and white. Microfiber fabric and elastic at the waist and wrists. Real Madrid patch is embroidered heart side above the Hummel label. On the two sleeves, also embroidered, the two arrows facing down, symbol of the technical logo.

  • -40%

The shirt is in excellent condition. Also present inside the label with size L.


Turin home shirt from the 1999/2000 season. The shirt, produced by the Spanish company Kelme, features the Kelme logo embroidered on the front, the Torino logo in the center of the shirt and the SDA sponsor in flock.


  • -40%

The shirt is in excellent condition. Also present inside the label with the size XL.


Turin home shirt from the 1996/1997 season. The shirt, produced by the Spanish company Kelme, has several peculiarities. The Kelme band on the sleeves has been covered with a garnet fabric and also features the Lega Calcio patch on the reverse.



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