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€80.00 - €1,235.00

The Napoli jersey from the 1996/1997 season appears to be in excellent condition, with no signs of wear or haloing.


Short-sleeved third model with SSC Napoli sublimation lettering on the edges. Polo collar. 

On the frontal side SSC Napoli crest sewn on the heart side. On the right side, embroidered logo and writing of technical sponsor Lotto.

In the centre, sublimation main sponsor Centrale del latte di Napoli. 


Gigi Simoni's Napoli surprisingly came second at Christmas, but then collapsed dramatically in the Primavera. It also reached the Coppa Italia final, but lost to Vicenza, resulting in losses of millions and a subsequent financial crisis for the club. Alain Boghossian played the last of his 3 championships at Napoli this season.

Season: 1992/1993

1992/1993 napoli umbro sweatshirt training

Taglia: XL

The Napoli sweatshirt by Umbro appears to be in good condition. No stitching defects are present.

The manufacturer's label with size XL is still present on the inside.


Sweatshirt round-neck model in blue and light blue. Elasticated waist and cuffs.

On the front, applied with a painted effect, the Umbro logo on the right, the writing S.S.C. napoli on the heart side and the commercial sponsor Voiello in the centre and on the back.

In the centre and on the two sleeves, a band with Umbro logos.


Zola, Careca, Cannavaro.


jersey third napoli ml 1996/SSC Napoli jersey made by Lotto for the season 1996/1997 with PANARELLI 13 personalization. 

The SSC Napoli jersey is kept in perfect condition, it has no colour discontinuity. 

Inside is still present the label with size XL.


Long-sleeved model with Lega Calcio anniversary patch on the right side. 

On the front is sewn the coat of arms SSC Napoli heart side, while on the right side in embroidery, the technical sponsor LOTTO. 

In the centre in sublimatic main sponsor CENTRALE LATTE DI NAPOLI. 

On the back are applied in white flok PANARELLI 13. 


The Apulian Luigi Panarelli stayed with the Azzurri for 2 seasons and made 20 appearances in Serie A, playing a few years later with Torino. panarelli 13


The SSC Napoli jersey made by Macron for the 2010/2011 season, is in perfect condition, the fabric is intact and soft to the touch.

Heat-sealed inside the label with size L.


Short-sleeved third model with intact piping and crew neck. On both sleeves Macron logo in light plastic. 

On the front SSC Napoli coat of arms with embroidered piping. Immediately below the collar lettering in embroidered Macron technical sponsor. 

In the centre in light plastic main sponsor LETE.  

On the back collar in embroidery the letter N and personalisation CAVANI 7 applied in light plastic. 


The jersey represents Edinson Cavani's first season at the Neapolitan club. A season as a true protagonist, even surpassing the record after sixty-eight years of Antonio Vojak with his fourth

hat-trick of the season.   


Preserved jersey in excellent condition, details are still intact and no halos are noticeable. Also present inside the label with the size XL.


Third official Napoli jersey of the 1991-1992 season. Sublimatic Umbro sponsor on the right side, Ssc Napoli logo sewn on the heart side and Voiello commercial sponsor flocked to the center. Red color, short sleeve polo neck model. 


Despite the departure of Maradona, who gave way to a young Zola, and an economic crisis at the beginning, Ferlaino's Napoli, led by Claudio Ranieri, proved to be competitive and eventually earned European qualification. 

TOP PLAYERS: Careca, Zola, De Napoli, Ferrara, Padovano.



Jersey preserved in excellent condition. There are a few stains on the front.

Inside there is still the manufacturer's label with the size XL.


Home model of the 2008/2009 season, in light blue colour and short sleeve.

All the logos on the front, including the Club patch, technical sponsor Diadora and commercial sponsor Lete, are applied in light plastic.


Hamsik, Lavezzi, Cannavaro.


Home jersey made by Kappa for the 2005/2006 season with number 10 on the back. 


Home version jersey kept in excellent conditions. 

The colors are bright and without discontinuity of tone. 

The model is long sleeve, on both shoulders in embroidery sponsor Kappa. 

On the front side heart SSC Napoli crest with embroidered border. 

In the center the title of the film CRASH PHYSICAL CONTACT. 

On the back in light plastic number 10. 

External label size L. 


The team for the first match of the 2005/2006 championship takes the field without sponsors but from the 2nd to the 4th day you can see wearing the jersey with a title Crash - Physical Contact. 

Season: 2000/2001

home napoli 2000/2001 diadora saber 2 jersey

SSC Napoli Home Jersey made by Diadora for the 2000/2001 season with SABER 2 personalization. 


Home version jersey kept in good condition. 

The colors are intact. 

Short sleeve model with intact piping. 

Right sleeve sewn patch Football League. 

On the front SSC Napoli coat of arms in embroidery on heart side.

Right side in worn light plastic lettering DIADORA. 

At the center in light plastic logo and lettering PERONI.

On the back in flok SABER 2.


Home SSC Napoli jersey made by Lotto for the 1994/1995 season with number 9 on the back. 


The home version of the shirt is in good condition. 

It has no discontinuity of colour and is soft to the touch. 

The collar is closed by a button with elastic buttonhole intact.

Short sleeve model with intact piping. 

On the front, the SSC Napoli crest has been sewn onto the heart side. 

On the right side, embroidered Lotto lettering. 

Record Cucine main sponsor sublimation in the centre. 

Sublimation number 9 on the back. 


Napoli started this season with Vincenzo Guerini on the bench, who was then replaced by Vujadin Boškov, who led the team to finish the second round with 33 points and 4 consecutive victories. However, he failed to gain access to the UEFA Cup and finished in 7th place.



Napoli jersey made for the 1998/1999 season by Nike with customization TAGLIALATELA 1. 


SSC Napoli goalkeeper jersey in good condition. 

The fabric is not worn and has no discontinuity of color. 

Long sleeve model with protection on the elbows. 

Soccer League patch on the right arm. 

On the front side heart crest SSC Napoli sewn. 

On the right side in embroidery logo of technical sponsor NIKE. 

In the middle in flok commercial sponsor POLENGHI.

On the back customization TAGLIALATELA 1. 

XL internal label




SSC Napoli Home Jersey made by Lotto for the 1996/1997 season with SCARLATO 27 personalization.


Home version jersey in good conditions. 

Does not present irregularities in color. 

Long sleeve model with commemorative patch Football League. 

On the front side heart embroidery crest SSC Naples. 

Right side in embroidery technical sponsor Lotto. 

At the center main sponsor Centrale Latte di Napoli. 

On the back in flok SCARLATO 27. 


The away jersey of Napoli, from the 1991/1992 season, is in good condition.

The inner label is no longer legible due to the passage of time.

Dimensions: height 78 cm, width 61 cm.


White model with light blue patterns, short sleeves and polo collar with button.

On the front is applied in flock the patch of the team on the heart side, while both the technical sponsor Umbro and the commercial sponsor Voiello are applied in sublimation.

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