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Cosenza Home shirt produced by the technical sponsor Legea in the 2001/2002 season. Size XL.

The uniform has short sleeves in red and blue. Coat of arms on the left and Legea logo in the center. Below is the commercial sponsor Province of Cosenza. On the right sleeve the Lega Calcio patch.

On the back the ZANIOLO personalization with the number 77.


2016/2017 San Severo Legea 7 Match Jersey. The San Severo Calcio 1922 football team currently plays in the Eccellenza- Gruppo A of the Puglia region. However, a clear patch from the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti, as well as the wording Serie D sewn on the right sleeve, show that the club can boast, at the very least, participation in the first prestigious national football competition, after the professional ones.

The product is clearly visible from the many photos. The color that most distinguishes the shirt is white, but there are yellow and red inserts in some parts of the uniform and above all two large red horizontal bands at the ends of the sleeves, short, edged in yellow: all in sublimatic; on the left side there is a long yellow band, printed in light plastic, which meets the embroidered yellow and red logo of the club, from which then starts a red stripe that reaches almost to the end of the yellow band itself; on the right side the name of the technical sponsor LEGEA, embroidered in red; in the center of the shirt is the writing of the commercial sponsor in Allianz blue thermo-applied, followed by the company logo, and at the bottom by the writing PAZIENZA ASSICURAZIONI.

On the back, a huge number seven, thermo-applied and in red, stands out against the white background of the rest of the shirt.


2005/2006 Messina Legea Home Jersey. The Messina Peloro Football Club is a football team that in 2005/06 played in the top Italian football championship, by virtue of the brilliant season played in the previous year, where even the Sicilians finished in 7th place in the standings. The following year, however, the performances were far from exciting, and Messina closed the championship in 18th place, relegated even before the Calciopoli sentences arrived.

The conditions of the product can be seen from the various photos dedicated to it. The shirt has short sleeves and is mainly white, but on the sleeves it has vertical yellow and red bands that cross it, meeting up with the Legea logo, embroidered in black, and ending where there are two large red horizontal bands, spaced out by a yellow horizontal stripe.

At the top of the shirt stands the wording, embroidered in black, LEGEA, the club's technical sponsor in those years; below this, also embroidered, here is the yellow and red logo of Messina; finally, well highlighted, the commercial sponsor, caffè MISCELA D'ORO, printed in light plastic, with the golden letters enclosed in a flattened black oval.


Messina away jersey made by the technical sponsor Legea, in collaboration with the commercial sponsor Caffè Mistura d'oro, for the 2004/2005 season. Model compliant with the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic evidence. XL size

The Messina away jersey is black, with light blue inserts on the sleeves. The collar and neckline are also black, but also characterized by the presence of thin yellow and red stripes, also recalled on the sleeves. At the center of the model, the lettering of the technical sponsor Legea can be read, whose logo is applied on both sleeves, in black and enclosed in a white box, and the logo of the commercial sponsor Caffè Immagina d'oro. On the heart side, however, the emblem of the sports club is sewn.

In the 2004/2005 season, Messina disputed the Serie A championship, following the promotion won a few months earlier, thanks to athletes such as Alessandro Parisi, Arturo Di Napoli, Marco Storari and Salvatore Aronica. President Pietro Franza strengthens the squad to ensure a good football performance for the fans and thus Riccardo Zampagna, Atsushi Yanagisawa, Rafael Pereira da Silva, Massimo Donati, Nicola Amoruso arrive in Messina. The club reaches, with its extraordinary results on the pitch, the seventh place in the standings and clearly detaches itself from the relegation zone.


Udinese away jersey worn by number 19 Badu in the 2010/2011 season and made by technical sponsor Lotto. Personalized model with the champion's autograph on the back of the tunic, in excellent condition. The fabric is uniform, without defects or imperfections, the colors are bright. Size M

The Udinese away jersey is orange, with white inserts and semi-closed mandarin collar. The emblem of the sports club is sewn on the heart side, while in the centre, from top to bottom, the technical sponsor Legea and the commercial sponsors Lumberjack and Dacia can be seen. In addition to the Legea logo, the Italian Serie A patch is applied to the right arm. The personalized print with autograph of the number 19 Badu are, however, represented on the back.

Ghanaian midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu wore the Udinese shirt from 2010 to 2019, except for a spell in the 2017/2018 season at Bursaspor. It is endowed with speed and strength, which allow remarkable shots and shots. He collects 170 appearances for the Juventus team, before moving to Verona


Livorno long-sleeved third jersey worn by number 19 Fiore during the 2007/2008 season. Model created thanks to the technical sponsor Legea, in collaboration with the commercial sponsors Mediaset Premium and Gruppo Carige and in good condition. The fabric has no halos or stains, except for small imperfections which, in any case, ensure that the garment retains its integrity. Size L

Livorno's third jersey is in mustard color with red inserts, colors also recalled on the jersey cuffs. The commercial sponsor Mediaset Premium is evident on the heart side, while in the centre, thanks to a vertical reading, you can see the technical sponsor Legea, the emblem of the sports club and, lastly, the Gruppo Carige brand. The patch of the Italian Serie A football league is also applied to the right arm. On the back, however, there is the personalization with the number 19 Fiore.

Cosenza midfielder Stefano Fiore was a skilful player, much appreciated for his crosses from deep within. In addition to having worn the Livorno uniform for a short time, he was also an athlete for the national team, as well as European runner-up in 2000. In his career in Serie A he has 321 appearances and 48 goals, in European cups 62 appearances and 9 goals, while in the national team he counts 38 appearances and 2 goals.


Albinoleffe shirt made by the technical sponsor Legea for the 2003/2004 Serie B championship. Product in excellent condition. Size L

Home model with blue piping, knit inserts on the neck and hems, flocked Legea logo and lettering, stitched club crest. Commercial sponsor and customization Possanzini 18 thermo-applied

In the 2003/2004 season Davide Possanzini scored 12 goals


Livorno long-sleeved home jersey, in excellent condition and with vivid and bold colours, without streaks or discolouration, no defects. Product made thanks to the technical sponsor Legea and the commercial sponsor Carige Group, for the 2007/2008 season. Personalization with the number 10 Tavano, size L

the home jersey of the Livorno club for the 2007/2008 season is completely amaranth, with black inserts and a mandarin collar. On the left, on the heart side, the Livorno coat of arms is sewn, while in the center you can see the lettering of the technical sponsor Legea and that of the commercial sponsor Gruppo Carige. On the right arm there are the Legea logo and the patch of the Italian Serie A football league. On the back there is the personalization with the number 10 Tavano, in white, and, below the number, there is a non-uniform black band, while the lettering of the Tuscan team is visible on the back of the collar.

Francesco Tavano, now a football coach, is a former Italian footballer who played the role of striker, even in Livorno. He made his Serie A debut in 2002, playing for various teams mainly as a second striker or as an attacking midfielder. He wore the amaranth shirt from 2007 to 2011, kicking the net 48 times.long-sleeved Livorno home jersey, worn by the players of the amaranth team in the 2007/2008 season. Personalized with the number 10 Tavano


Livorno long-sleeved away jersey, in perfect condition and with vivid and decisive colours, without any halos and/or defects. Product made by the technical sponsor Legea and by the commercial sponsor Gruppo Carige for the 2007/2008 season. Personalized with the number 81 Bogdani, size XL.

The jersey of the Livorno team features the well-known white and amaranth colours, jersey cuffs and a V-neck. The Legea logo is sewn in amaranth on both arms and the Serie A football league patch on the right arm Italian. In the center of the shirt you can see, with a vertical reading, just below the V-neck, the lettering of the technical sponsor Legea, then the crest of the Tuscan sports club and, finally, the lettering of the commercial sponsor Carige Group. On the back of the shirt, in white and with amaranth outlines, the name and number of the player Bogdani are applied.

Erjon Bogdani is a former Albanian footballer, who played the role of striker, today he is a football coach and a sports manager of Palermo. As a footballer he was undoubtedly good with his head and skilled in the air and was often deployed as a second striker.


The shirt is in excellent condition, the fabric is excellent and has the original characteristics, soft to the touch, with intact seams, it has no streaks or color discontinuities. Free from stains and defects. XL size

White short-sleeved away model characterized by red-blue inserts: the lines that descend vertically in the central part of the shirt, the crew-neck and the edges of the sleeves. The Cosenza company crest is applied on the heart side, the technical sponsor Legea is embroidered on the right. The Volkswagen commercial sponsor logo is applied to the center of the uniform, surmounted by the Ecology Today lettering. The Serie B patch is applied to the right sleeve. The Varone 17 personalization is applied to the back

Cosenza closes the cadet championship in 10th place, ensuring mathematical salvation one round before the conclusion.

  • -20%

Napoli Away shirt produced by Legea for the 2003/2004 season. The uniform is in excellent condition, it has no defects, the colors are vivid. There are no stitches.Very slight halos of questionable entity. Inside there is the Legea label showing the size XL.

White model with short sleeves, from the height of the V-neck, made in knitwear, two light blue stripes extend sinuously along the sides that recall the edges of the sleeves and the collar. In the front part, under the neck, embroidered in light blue the LEGEA logo, immediately underneath the Napoli crest. In the center applied the commercial sponsor RUSSO CICCIANO. The LEGEA logo is embroidered in blue on both sleeves, above which the Serie B patch is sewn on the right. On the back, in rubber, the Savoldi 9 blue customization.

Gianluca Savoldi, Max Vieri, Olive, Portanova, Carrera and Bernini had arrived that year to wear the blue shirt. Agostinelli accomplice of the bad results was exonerated, in his place Gigi Simoni was recalled who in the midst of a thousand difficulties managed to obtain at least salvation. Undisputed bulwark of the Vidigal midfield.

  • -20%

Napoli shirt made by Legea for the 2003/2004 season. Product kept in excellent condition, the fabric retains its original characteristics, free from stains and streaks, the colors are bright, Size XL.

Short sleeve model characterized by balanced front and back dialogue in white and blue. V-neck in blue, the lettering of the technical sponsor Legea applied immediately below. The Napoli patch is embroidered in the center of the chest, we find the commercial sponsor Russo Cicciano applied in flock. The Legea logo sewn in white on the sleeves, the Serie B patch sewn on the right. On the back there is the personalisation, applied in rubber, Platone 17

Napoli in that season will close the Serie B championship in 14th place. On 2 August 2004, the seventh section of the bankruptcy court of Naples decreed the bankruptcy of the Neapolitan club. Napoli went bankrupt after 78 years of football history The 2004-2005 season Napoli will restart from Serie C under the name Napoli Soccer with Aurelio De Laurentis as president.


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