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€20.00 - €415.00

Shirt Type

Season: 1999/2000

1999/2000 Puma Pescara Shorts

The shorts are in very good condition and have the manufacturer's size XL label inside.


Red model with two white bands at the sides. There is a drawstring at the waist and, sublimatically printed, there are the Puma logo on the left and the Club logo on the right.


The jersey appears flawless, the weave of the fabric is intact, so no halos or tears. Manufacturer's label in the back neck with size M.


Home model in white and light blue and half-sleeve colors. Technical sponsor is Puma and commercial sponsor is Gelati GIS, both in flock on the jersey. Knit polo collar and V-neckline. 



Pescara home shirt from the 1995/1996 season. The Farris personalization is painted and the number 6 in sublimation. Pienne sewing technical sponsor, commercial sponsor Gelati Gis in the weft, Pescara logo sewn.






Pescara home shirt from the 1998/1998 season, the Caruso personalization and the number 6. During the season, two different fonts were used for the names and numbers. Puma technical sponsor in velveteen, commercial sponsor Gelati Gis in the weft, Pescara logo embroidered.




Season: 1991/1992

pescara away jersey pienne 1992/1993


Pescara home shirt from the 1991/1992 season with the number 11 on the back applied sublimation. Pienne sewing technical sponsor, commercial sponsor Gelati Gis in the weft, Pescara logo sewn.





Pescara Calcio jersey made by NR for the season 1979/1980. 


Rare vintage wool jersey kept in perfect conditions. 
The jersey has no discontinuity of color. 
The colors are bright and intact. 
Long sleeve model with cuffs in good condition. 
On the front label on the right side logo technical sponsor NR.

On the back number 5


A championship for Pescara always fighting to stay in Serie A. In addition, this championship will also be remembered for the facts not happened in the field The Black Toto where Milan is relegated to Serie B after arriving in third place. 


The jersey is in good condition, the fabric is intact, but there are some marks.

Inside there is the manufacturer's label with the size XL.


The first Pescara jersey of the 1997/1998 season is white with light blue details.

Polo collar with buttons and short sleeves.

On the back the customization ZANUTTA 24 in dark blue velvet contrasting with the white of the shirt.

The team patch is sewn on the heart side, while the Puma logo is applied in flock and, on the left sleeve is sewn the patch of the Football League.

Commercial sponsor Gelati Gis.


Cammarata, Aruta, Pisano.


The jersey is in perfect condition despite the passage of years.

Inside label with size XL.


The third Pescara jersey, from the 1996/1997 football season, is a short-sleeved model with a polo collar and crew neckline.

From the blue colour, with some details in white, the jersey has the patch of the team sewn on the heart side and the logo Pienne on the right.

Commercial sponsor Gelati Gis applied to the centre.

On the back the jersey is personalized LAMACCHI 6 and is complete with a Lega Calcio patch.


Giampaolo, Giannotta, Di Giannatale.


Pescara Home Jersey made by Puma for the 1997/1998 season.


Home version jersey kept in excellent condition. 

Does not present discontinuity of colour. 

The white with blue and light blue details are brilliant.

Polo collar with two buttons.

Short sleeve model with patch Lega Calcio right arm. 

On the front side heart Pescara coat of arms with embroidered border. 

Right side Puma logo and lettering in flok.

In the centre sublimation logo and lettering GELATI GIS. 

On the back in flok customization DI GIANNATALE 16. 


Jersey in excellent condition, soft touch fabric and intact sponsors. Also present inside the manufacturer's label with size XL.


Pescara home jersey of the 2000/2001 football season. White and blue model with long sleeves and polo collar. On the front is applied the patch of Pescara heart side, while on the right side applied in flock, there is the logo of the technical sponsor Puma, which is also found on the sleeves. At the center, applied in flock, we find the commercial sponsor Gis toys. On the back is applied the number 4 in velvet.


Jersey in good condition, fabric intact with no signs of wear or stains. Manufacturer's label with size XL also present.

"Match Issued"


Pescara home version jersey, 1997/1998 football season. White model with blue and blue inserts, half sleeve with polo collar and buttons. On the front of the shirt we find the patch of the team sewn side heart, the logo of the commercial sponsor Puma applied in flock on the right and the commercial sponsor Gelati Gis applied to the centre in light plastic. On the back is applied the customization in black velvet PISANO 30. Patch of the Football League sewn on the right sleeve.


The jersey is in good condition, the fabric has a few imperfections due to wear. Present inside the torn label of size XL.


Pescara vintage Away race jersey in good condition, year 92/93, number 10 on the back in sublimation. Technical sponsor Pienne sewn, commercial sponsor Gelati Gis in the weft, team logo sewn.


The football season opens well for Pescara just ascended in Serie A also with the arrival of Danish John Sivebæk, Roger Mendy and Dunga. Also arrives the wonderful victory away from home with Roma in the first half of the season, but after 2/3 of the championship is unable to maintain its place in the top flight and is relegated. 

TOP PLAYERS: Sivebæk, Mendy, Dunga, Allegri, Borgonovo.



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