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Years 2000-2010 Bologna Shorts Macron 1. The Macron company has been supplying the Italian football team Bologna FC 1909 with its own material since 2001. The size shown on the appropriate internal label is XXL.

The product is well highlighted by the following photos. The shorts are predominantly red, with black inserts on the sides; at the bottom left appears the number 1, painted in white, and below this we find the word Macron, always in the same color, however applied in velvet; the club logo is sewn on the opposite side.


2020/2021 Reggiana Macron Match Jersey. Associazione Calcio Reggiana 1919 participated, in the aforementioned year, in the Italian Serie B championship, finishing in eighteenth place, consequently relegated to Serie C.

The condition of the product can be seen perfectly from the numerous photos. The shirt has long sleeves, has a collar with a V-shaped opening, and the color that characterizes it is largely garnet, which however alternates in geometric shapes in stronger and weaker shades, divided by thin vertical gold stripes; on the sleeves there are vertical tricolor bands; in the center of the shirt in thermo-applied and in white, the letters that form IMMERGAS, commercial sponsor of the team; above this, on the right, the golden Macron logo in sublimation, while on the left the Reggiana logo is sewn on.

The back of the shirt follows the chromatic trend of the front, with the addition of a small writing, in sublimatic, AC REGGIANA 1919. But what most distinguishes it is the presence at the bottom of the wording, in thermo-applied, 'autostile', in red enclosed in a white rectangle and preceded by the Alfa Romeo logo.


Lazio representation tracksuit made by the technical sponsor Macron for the 2013/2014 season. The product looks like in the photo. Size L

Model in blue and light blue acetate material, the manufacturer's logo is embroidered, while the emblem of the Lazio Sports Society is sewn. the SS Lazio lettering is shown on the back.

The 2012/2013 season saw Petković and Reja take turns on the bench, the latter remaining on the Biancoceleste bench until the end of the season


Spal short-sleeved home jersey worn by the player number 9 Moncini in the 2019/2020 season. The model was created thanks to the collaboration of various contributions: that of the technical sponsor Macron, the commercial sponsor Omega Group, the back sponsor Errebi technology and the further sponsor Perntaferte. It is in excellent condition, the fabric is uniform, without defects or halos, and the colors are vivid and decisive. Size M

The Spal jersey for the 2019/2020 season features, on the front, characterized by vertical white and blue stripes and, precisely, on the heart side, by the emblem of the sports club, while, on the right side, by the Macron and Omega group logos . The mandarin collar on the V-neck is in white, while the sleeves are edged in ivory and dark blue. The Macron logo is depicted on both sleeves, while the patch of the Italian Serie A is applied to the right arm and the image relating to the additional sponsor of the team, Pentaferte, is applied to the left arm. On the back, the shirt is white with the personalization of the number 10 Moncini written in blue; here you can also see the brand of the back sponsor Errebi technology.

Gabriele Moncini is a strong Italian forward and very skilled in the air, who also played for the Italian under-21 national team. In the 2019/2020 season, led by coach Leonardo Semplici and later by Luigi Di Biagio, he was unable to reach the safety zone of the Serie A standings, thus relegating to the lower division.


Bologna home jersey from the 2006/2007 season personalized with number 11 Bellucci. The product made by the technical sponsor Macron and the commercial sponsor Volvo is in excellent condition, with no stretch marks, seams or defects in the fabric. XL size

The Bologna jersey, characterized by its typical colors, red and blue, has vertical stripes and long sleeves. On the chest can be seen, with a vertical reading, the logo of the technical sponsor Macron, the crest of the sports club and, finally, the logo of the commercial sponsor Volvo. The patch of the Italian Serie A football league and the Macron logo are applied to the right arm. On the back of the jacket there is the personalization with the number 11 Bellucci.

The Roman Claudio Bellucci wore the rossoblu jersey from 2001 to 2007, collecting 184 appearances and 65 goals during his stay. In the 2006/2007 season he confirmed himself as the vice top scorer in Serie A, behind the champion Alessandro Del Piero, with 19 goals and also wore the captain's armband.


Bologna third jersey with short sleeves, made thanks to the contribution provided by the technical sponsor Macron and the commercial sponsor Cerasarda in the 2009/2010 season. The model is in excellent condition, without defects or stitches and with bright colours. Personalization with the number 84 Raggi, size XL.

Bologna's third kit for this season is characterized by a Tiffany green and red and blue inserts, as well as a mandarin collar. The crest of the Emilian team is sewn on the left side of the jersey, on the right side that of its 1909-2009 centenary and in the center appear the two sponsors Macron and Cerasarda. On the right arm there is the patch of the Serie A football league and the Macron logo. Finally, the back of the jersey features the personalization with the number 84 Raggi.

Bologna, led by Giuseppe Papadopulo, fails to celebrate the centenary of the anniversary of its foundation as it should because it pockets a long series of defeats in the league. However, after the new coach Renzo Ragonesi took over to coach the team, he avoided relegation to the lower division by finishing in seventeenth place in the standings.


Long-sleeved Terni home jersey, in good condition and with vivid and decisive colours. Absent defects, except for imperfections in the printing of the number 22 applied on the back, which in any case make the numbers clearly identifiable. Product created thanks to the technical sponsor Macron and personalized with the number 32 Gonzalez. XL size.

Ternana's tunic has vertical green and red stripes and a mandarin collar, closed with a scratch. In front, on the heart side, the emblem of the sports club is sewn, while the lettering of the technical sponsor Macron is applied to the left, whose logo is recalled on the right arm. The patch of the Italian Serie B football team is sewn on the same arm. The lettering, in yellow, of Ternana football is transcribed on the back of the jerseyand the customization with the number 32 Gonzalez insists.

Alejandro Damián González Hernández is a Uruguayan defender who, for most of his career, wore the uniforms of South American teams. In 2013, however, he arrived in Italy and began playing for Hellas Verona. In the 2015/2016 season he wore the Ternana shirt, but scored only one goal in 40 league games.


Napoli away shirt produced by Macron for the 2010/2011 season. The shirt is in excellent condition, the fabric is in excellent condition, vivid and gaudy colours, there are no seams or halos of any kind. The fit of the uniform is an XL

Short-sleeved model, white, with light blue breathable crew-neck, and sleeve edges in the same color. On the front, on the heart side, the Napoli crest is embroidered. The Macron lettering is embroidered just below the crew neck, while the Macron logo is applied in light plastic on both sleeves. On the right sleeve, the Serie A logo is applied in flock, and the commercial sponsor LETE is applied in the center on the chest. On the back, the Lucarelli 99 personalization is applied in light plastic

This season Napoli returns 21 years after their last participation in the Champions League, finishing the championship in 3rd place with 70 points.


The shirt made by Macron for the 2008/2009 season is in excellent condition, the fabric is excellent and has the original characteristics,
soft to the touch, with intact seams, it has no streaks or color discontinuities. Size L

Long-sleeved shirt model in red and white color. The shirt looks like a chessboard of 4 blocks, two red and two white, and the sleeves each of a different color. The ergonomic V-shaped crew neck is embellished by the presence of the technical sponsor Macron, diagonally along the right side. The Rimini Calcio club crest is embroidered on the heart side. In the center applied the commercial sponsor Banca di Rimini. The Matteini 8 customization is applied on the back.

The red and whites start the championship alternating good results with bad games: in just over a month, between September and October, only one point is obtained in 6 games. At the end of the season, Matteini's contract expires and the player remains without a team.


Napoli home model produced by Macron for the 2014/2015 season. The product is in excellent condition, without seams or discontinuities in the fabric. The color is vivid, very slight stains are present in the lower part, in an acceptable context. Size M

Short-sleeved Home model characterized by the classic light blue colour, the shirt has a polo collar enriched by a Prince of Wales pattern, both inside and on the lapel. Immediately below the collar we find on the right the cockade of the Coppa Italia which surmounts the embroidered Macron lettering, while on the left the coat of arms of the Neapolitans is embroidered. Even further down, the two sponsors of Napoli are applied: Lete and Pasta Garofalo. The sleeves have a white knit border, a solution also found at the bottom on the back of the breathable mesh shirt. The E.Vargas 99 personalization has been applied in rubber

It was the historic year of the legendary success in the Italian Supercoppa final against Juventus, thanks to Gonzalo Higuain's goal at the end of extra time to bring Napoli level, thus snatching the ticket for the penalty lottery, which they would then win 5-6.


Napoli third shirt made by Lotto for the 1994/1995 season. The shirt is in good condition, very well preserved, the fabric has the original characteristics, does not have any type of halo, free from stains. Faded size label, the shirt has the fit of an XL.

Orange short-sleeved Napoli third shirt with Neapolitan blue inserts. Effervescent uniform characterized by a pattern of intertwined stripes with various shades of orange, which extend from the shoulders to the sleeves. It features a jersey collar with blue piping and button. On the front, in the centre, the logo of the commercial sponsor Record Cucine in sublimation, the sponsor Lotto embroidered on the right side and the SSC Napoli emblem sewn on the heart. On the back there is the blue number 4 in sublimation. The number 3 is on the back in sublimation.

Napoli finished the tournament in 7th place with 51 points. In the championship finale, the Azzurri achieved five consecutive victories, narrowly touching qualification for the UEFA Cup, which vanished just one minute from the end with Inter's goal against Padua.


The jersey produced by Macron for the 2012/2013 season is in good condition, the fabric is intact, the bright green color has no streaks. Very light stain on the right side. Size XL

Long-sleeved goalkeeper model in acid green. The uniform has a singular collar in jersey and black squared V. The logo of the technical sponsor Macron is applied in black on the shoulders. The Macron lettering is embroidered on the front right, while the Lazio logo is embroidered on the opposite side. The Serie A patch is applied to the right sleeve. The Strakosha 77 customization is applied to the back

Strakosha comes, in 2013, following the sale of Juan Pablo Carrizo, becomes the third goalkeeper of the first team.


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