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Cesena's home jersey for the 2005/2006 season. Size 52

Featuring Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena sponsor, Cesena crest, and Lotto logo. Number 18 on the back.

€38.69 €48.36
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2005/2006 Cesena Lotto Zaninelli 31 Home Jersey. Marco Zaninelli, born on 25 April 1977, is a former central defender who retired on 1 July 2012. In the year in question he was part of the rearguard of the Romagna team in the Serie B championship: this season ended, for the team, coached at the time by Fabrizio Castori, in sixth place.

The shirt is predominantly white, with long black sleeves; almost at the top of these there is the technical sponsor's logo embroidered in the classic white and red colours; on the right sleeve, in particular, there is also the LEGA CALCIO SERIE B TIM patch, in thermo-applied.

On the front of the shirt, at the top right, we find the wording 'lotto' embroidered in white inside a black rectangle, preceded by the logo of the well-known company, as always in red and white; on the left, however, the logo of the Romagna team is embroidered, in black and white; underneath the denomination, in sublimation, of the commercial sponsor SOLO AFFITTI appears majestic, in black, followed in the lower left by another of smaller dimensions, 'franchising'.

On the back of the shirt we have the small writing A.C. CESENA in black but above all, thermo-applied and in black, the surname of the Cesena defender, ZANINELLI, with a gigantic 31 further down, corresponding to the former footballer's shirt number.

  • -40%

Cesena home jersey with short sleeves and personalized with the number 5 Steffè. The product made by the technical sponsor Mizuno, in collaboration with the commercial sponsor PLT puregreen, for the 2020/2021 season, is in excellent condition, the color has not faded and there are no defects. Size M.

The Cesena jersey is characterized by a bold black and white inserts on the shoulders. The emblem of the sports club is sewn on the left side, the logo of the technical sponsor Mizuno is applied to the right side and the brand of the commercial sponsor PLT puregreen is evident in the center. On the back of the neck there is the lettering '#DAIBURDEL' and on the back the print of the personalization of the number 5 Steffè.

The Trieste midfielder Demetri Steffè is part of Cesena Calcio and disputes the C1 series championship with it. In 2021 the sports club, until then owned by entrepreneurs from Romagna, officially becomes the property of the American group JRL Investments, of which they appear Robert Lewis and John Aiello.

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Cesena jersey, made by technical sponsor Adidas preserved in good condition, except for a few spots on the front.

Dimensions: height 75 cm, width 56 cm.


Long-sleeved home model with V-neck and polo collar. Both the Cesena logo and the technical sponsor Adidas are sublimatically printed on the front.

The number 13 is applied on the back in light plastic. The commercial sponsor is Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna.


Lerda, Gautieri, Hubner


€256.07 €286.07
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2024-07-24 00:00:00

Cesena jersey made by Adidas with number 3 applied. 


The AC Cesena jersey is kept in excellent condition. The black and white colours are bright and the fabric is soft and cool to the touch. Black collar with white piping 
contrast, polo-style closure with button. Model short-sleeved competition shirt with intact piping. On the front side, the heart of the AC Cesena crest is sewn on and in the centre, just below the collar, there is embroidered lettering from Adidas, the technical sponsor. In the middle, the logo and lettering painted main sponsor CASSA RISPARMIO CESENA. On the back, the number 3 is applied in light plastic. XL size inner label.  

  • -50%

The goalkeeper's jersey of Ceesena, vintage 1989/1990 is kept in good condition.

Fabric and customizations are intact.

Dimensions: height 75 cm, width 56 cm.


Long-sleeved model mainly in grey colour, but with bright yellow and fluo pink details.

Both the technical sponsor Adidas and the commercial sponsor Amadori are sublimatically applied on the front.

Personalisation on the back with the number 1 in light black plastic.

The jersey also has padding on the elbows.


€286.48 €572.95
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Jersey in excellent condition, undamaged fabric with no rips or halos. It is still present inside the manufacturer's label with the size L.


The home version of the Cesena jersey, vintage 2010/2011 is predominantly white with black inserts. The technical sponsor Adidas is embroidered on the right, the Cesena logo is applied in flock on the heart side. The main sponsor is Technogym. Jimenez 10 personalization on the back and Serie A patch applied on the right sleeve. 

Season: 1998/1999


Taglia: L

Product Condition

Preserved jacket in excellent condition, looks like new. Inside is manufacturer's label with size 40/42. Fit L.


Blue jacket with white inserts and black sleeves. On the front are painted the Cesena logo on the heart side and the Orogel logo on the right side. The Adidas logo is also embroidered on the right-hand side, just above the sponsor logo. 


Cavasin took over Benedetti's bench and led Cesena to a quiet salvation in Serie B. The championship was won by Verona that until the end, in a gap of 3 points, struggled with Torino, Reggina and Lecce. 

TOP PLAYERS: Bonazzoli, Graffiedi, Comandini. 


  • -50%
Season: 1991/1992


Taglia: L

Cesena Home jersey season 1991/1992.

White with black inserts.

Technical sponsor Adidas.

Main sponsors Amadori.

Sponsors written in flock.

Long sleeves.

Black collar with lapel.

100% Polyester.


Cesena finished the season in eighth place in the 1991/1992 campionao Series B.

On the bench was coach Attilio Perotti

€81.56 €163.11
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