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Reggina tracksuit produced by Onze for the 2009/2010 football season. Size L.

The uniform consists of a full zip jacket and black trousers with white and red inserts. The inside of the collar features the REGGINA lettering in a horizontal line. On the heart side we find the embroidered crest and the technical sponsor Onze on the other side, also repeated on the trousers and on the back in a larger format. Below both are the commercial sponsors Giccos and Stocco & Stocco.

In the Serie B season, Reggina is positioned in 12th place in the final standings of the championship. A significant contribution to the team's success was provided by Brienza, who proved to be the club's top goalscorer by scoring a total of 13 goals over the course of the season.


Reggina 8 Home shirt signed by Ennerre in the 1985/1986 football season. Size 50.

The team's jersey is red with a white collar and cuffs. The logo of the sponsor Ennerre is embroidered on the heart side, while the number 8 is personalized on the back.

In the 1985-1986 season, led by coach Giuseppe Caramanno, the team achieved a brilliant second place in group D of Serie C2. This result sanctioned the deserved promotion of the club to Serie C1.


2013/2014 Reggina Lotto Louzada 13 Away Jersey. Jersey of the Brazilian forward Adriano Louzada made by Lotto in the only year as a technical sponsor from Reggio.

The product can be clearly seen from the photos relating to it. The shirt has long sleeves and its prevailing color is white: at the top left we find the club logo, while on the opposite side the wording, in white and blue, Stocco & Stocco is applied; below these appears the CIAO logo with the subtitle 'innovating your future', in red; on the right shoulder there is a small wording in black 'lotto' complete with logo, while on the other side there are four oblique amaranth stripes as a kind of scratches; the same logo, always in black but in increased size, is inside the weave on the left sleeve where there is also a small Serie B patch with the writing RISPETTO, in white and blue; a large Serie B EUROBET patch is applied to the other sleeve.

On the back, in the foreground, there are the amaranth writing LOUZADA and the number 13, and, below these, in thermoplastic, the commercial sponsor NGM MOBILE.


2010/2011 Reggina Onze Third Jersey VIOLA N 21 . Shirt of midfielder Nicolas Benito Viola, who took the first steps of his career in the amaranth shirt.

The product is clearly visible from the various photos. The shirt has short sleeves, has an amaranth and white collar and its predominant color is blue, with amaranth inserts; at the top we find, on the left, the name Stocco & Stocco, in white and blue, in the center the club logo and on the right the amaranth wording of ONZE, the technical sponsor of the Calabrians; below these stands out, in white, the inscription C CANALE; on the sleeves, moreover, the Onze logo is also proposed, also in amaranth.

On the back appear, in white and in large size, the wording 'viola n.' and the number 21.


2010/2011 Reggina Onze Bonazzoli 61 Home Jersey. Jersey of the former striker Emiliano Bonazzoli, who in two different years wore the colors of Reggina. Size L.

The product is clearly visible from the following photos. The shirt has short sleeves and is characterized by a half-white and half-purple color solution; on the top left the words Stocco & Stocco are applied, in white and blue in the center the club logo with a laurel wreath and '25%', in amaranth, the black wording of ONZE, the Reggio technical sponsor; under these elements we find the 'progetto5' logo, in thermo-applied, and then, vertically, the writing 'we run towards the future-2014' and the number 2011 in white, all made in sublimatic; the Onze patch is also present at the bottom right.

On the back, printed on light plastic, there are, in amaranth color with white edges and in large dimensions, the writing BONAZZOLI and the number 61; furthermore, at the bottom left, the composition of the club logo on the front is reproduced, this time in white, and not far from this, the vertical writing '1914-la storia belongs to us', in amaranth, both in the weave of the fabric.


2010/2011 Reggina Onze Acerbi 15 Home Jersey. Shirt of the defender Francesco Acerbi at the time when he played for the Reggina football club. XL size.

The product is clearly visible from the photos. The shirt has long sleeves, mainly in amaranth color with white inserts; at the top and bottom, on the right side, we find the white wording ONZE, technical sponsor of the Calabrians, and a patch of the same, to the left, the wording Stocco & Stocco, in blue and white, and in the center the club logo; below these, the logo of the PROVINCIA DI REGGIO CALABRIA stands out; the Onze logo is also reproduced on the sleeves.

On the back are applied, in white and in large dimensions, the wording ACERBI and the number 15.

Season: 2005/2006

2005/2006 Reggina Onze Jacket

2005/2006 Reggina Onze Jacket. The aforementioned season was the sixth that Reggina played in Serie A. The year ended with the thirteenth place in the standings. To make a contribution in this sense were the striker Nicola Amoruso, who scored a total of eleven goals, and the midfielder Francesco Modesto, who collected the highest number of appearances among the amaranths, thirty-seven.

The characteristics of the product can be clearly seen from the various photos. The jacket is long-sleeved and predominantly gray in color, with a hood behind towards the back area; the commercial sponsors, GICOS and Stocco & Stocco are embroidered on the top left, while the club logo and the white wording of the technical sponsor, ONZE, are embroidered on the opposite side.

The back of the item, apart from the hood mentioned above, has no other relevant features.

Season: 2005/2006

track onze reggina 2005/2006

Track Reggina Onze 2005/2006 kept in perfect condition, except for the zip slider. The manufacturer's inner label with size S detail is also present.


Tracksuit jersey of Reggina Calcio of the 2005/2006 football season made by the sportswear company Onze, with institutional sponsor Gicos and sewn logo of the Calabrian team. Equipped with zip pockets, the jacket is in grey and red.


Jersey in good condition with no particular imperfections. Inside label with size XL.


Model with polo neck in red, gray and light blue colors. The commercial sponsor is Caffè Mauro, present on the front and back. The Reggina club patch is applied high heart in sublimation.


The Reggina jersey appears to be in perfect condition and retains the manufacturer's inner label with size M.


Long-sleeved model with snap buttons at the collar. On the front there are white decorative stitching contrasting with the black of the jersey. Logo of the region of Calabria embroidered on the heart side and Queen's patch on the right. The commercial sponsor is Gicos. On the back are printed lettering BRIENZA and the number is 81. Patch of the Lega Calcio applied in rubber on the right arm.

  • -40%

The suit appears to be in very good condition and retains the size L inner label.


Model consisting of a full zip jacket and black trousers. The jacket features red details, team patch and Asics logo embroidery. The commercial sponsor on the front of the jacket is Mauro Caffè.


The jersey is in good condition, with fabric intact and soft but customization slightly worn. Inside label with size M.


The jersey, manufactured by Onze, is red and short-sleeved. The polo collar carries two snap buttons. Embroidered on the front is the Reggina patch on the right and the Regione Calabria logo on the left. Applied in white flock in the center is the Gicos commercial sposnor. Number 10 in light plastic on the back.


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