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Parma long-sleeved away jersey made by the technical sponsor Errea, in collaboration with the commercial sponsors Gimoka and Play Radio, for the 2006/2007 season. Personalization with the number 55 Parravicini, size L. Model conforming to the conditions that can be inferred from the attached photographic evidence.

The Parma away kit is light blue with a yellow cross running forward across the entire model. The cuffs and collar in elastic fabric are yellow. On the chest you can see the brand of the technical sponsor Errea, the emblem of the sports club and the brand of the commercial sponsor Gimoka. On the heart side, however, the second commercial sponsor Play Radio is applied. The Errea logo is referenced on both sleeves, in yellow, but the patch of the Italian football league is sewn only on the right arm. On the back of the model, the personalization with the number 55 Parravicini in yellow can be read.

Former Milanese midfielder Francesco Parravicini made his Serie A debut in 2005 with Treviso, but wore the Parma shirt from 2007 to 2009, the club for which he made 33 appearances.


Parma away jersey with long sleeves made by technical sponsor Puma and worn by number 11 Crespo in the 1996/1997 season. Model in good condition, the fabric has some imperfections but the colors are bright, not faded. XL size

The Parma jersey is yellow, with blue dotted geometric inserts along the sleeves and blue cuffs, as well as the yellow-edged collar. The closure of the neckline is secured by a scratch. The emblem of the sports club is sewn on the heart side, the logo of the technical sponsor Puma is on the right side and that of the commercial sponsor Parmalat is in the centre. The Lega Calcio patch is applied to the right arm, while the number 11 Crespo is personalized on the back.

Argentine striker Herman Crespo made his debut as a youngster with River Plate, but played for many Italian and foreign teams, proving to be one of the strongest players of his time. His palmarès includes the following victories: two Argentine Apertura championships, one Italian Cup, five Italian Super Cups, one Premier League, one Community Shield and three Italian championships. Internationally, he has won one Copa Libertadores and one UEFA Cup.


Parma home jersey made by the technical sponsor Champion for the 1999/2000 season and personalized with the number 11. The model is in excellent condition, without stretch marks, marks or stains, and the colors are vivid. XL size

The Parma home jersey is yellow with blue stripes on the front and the jersey collar is dark blue bordered by yellow and blue stripes, also present on the edges of the sleeves. The neckline is closed by hidden buttons. The emblem of the sports club is sewn on the heart side, the logo of the technical sponsor Champion is applied to the right side, while the logo of the commercial Parmalat is applied in the centre. On the back the shirt is yellow on the shoulders, the white print of the number 11 is inserted in a blue box and the lower part has yellow and blue horizontal stripes.

Alberto Malesani's Parma won its first Italian Super Cup in the 1999/2000 season, beating Milan, fresh from winning the Scudetto in the championship that ended previously. The positive performances of the Emilian athletes allow them to earn fifth place in the Serie A standings.


Parma home jersey produced by the technical sponsor Champion and worn by number 1 De Lucia during the 2004/2005 season. The model is in excellent condition, without defects and imperfections and the colors are still like the original ones, not faded. XL size

The Parma jersey is white, with a blue cross running across the front of the model. The edges of the sleeves and the jersey collar have the colors dark blue, white and yellow. The emblem of the sports club is sewn on the chest and the technical sponsor Champion is legible. The Champion logo is applied to both sleeves, while the patch of the Italian football league can only be seen on the right one. Finally, on the back there is the personalized print with the number 1 De Lucia, in blue.

The goalkeeper from Nola Alfonso De Lucia played in the Parma squad from 2011 to 2007, except in the 2003/2004 season, during which he wore the Salernitana shirt. Due to some disagreements with the fans, coach Stefano Pioli replaced him with second goalkeeper Luca Bucci. After this episode, the athlete packed his bags and moved to Livorno.


Parma third shirt with long sleeves, in excellent condition and without any halos or signs of wear over time. The product was made by the technical sponsor Puma. Commercial sponsor: Parmalat. XL size

The tunic with a blue background has irregular yellow and blue dotted motifs on the sleeves and a jersey collar that takes up the same colors and sealed with a scratch closure. The emblem of the Emilian company is sewn on the top left, while the logo of the technical sponsor Puma is applied to the right. In the center is the lettering of the commercial sponsor Parmalat, whose symbol is recalled in the texture of the fabric of the shirt. The Cannavaro 17 personalization in flock is applied on the back

Over the years the players have alternately worn two types of uniforms: one with the colors of yellow and blue arranged in quarters and another white with a large black cross on the chest. In any case, it is the cross shirt that accompanies the matches of the Parma team from 2004 to today.

The 1995/1996 championship marks the passage of Fabio Cannavaro from Naples to Parma. Transfer suffered by the Neapolitan player, very attached to his city's team


Parma training suit for the 1995/1996 season is in excellent condition, without any halos or defects in the fabric, the colors are vivid and decisive. The product was created by the sponsors Puma and Parmalat.

The Emilian team's training set consists of a blue jacket, with yellow and white inserts and characterized by a zip closure and side pockets, and blue trousers. On the left side of the jacket, the Parma crest and the yellow logo of the sponsor Puma are visible, which is also reproduced on the trousers. On the left side, the lettering and the logo of the Parmalat sponsor are clearly visible, which is recalled again on the back of the jacket, together with those of the Puma brand.

The Emilian team boasts 3 Italian Cups and an Italian Super Cup, as well as 4 international titles: a Cup Winners' Cup, 2 UEFA Cups and a UEFA Super Cup. Parma also boasts a prestigious record, as it is the fourth Italian club to have won the most European competitions.


The jersey appears to be in excellent condition, keeping the white intact, with no halos or tears. Umbro label still present inside with size XL.


Home version of the Parma jersey, produced by Umbro for the 1993/1994 football season. White color with royal blue and yellow details. Short sleeve model with polo collar. Club patch in heart-side embroidery and Umbro logo on right side. Applied in the center in blue flock is the commercial sponsor Parmalat. Applied on the back is the number 10 in soft blue velveteen.

Jersey in perfect condition despite the passage of time. Fabric and color intact. Present inside label with size XL.


Parma training jersey is produced in jersey by Puma for the 1995/1996 season. Blue color with contrasting yellow stitching. Short sleeve and crew neck. Parma patch is applied heart side. Both the logo of the technical sponsor Puma and the commercial sponsor Parmalat are applied in white flock. On the back we find the Puma logo in flock. 


The jersey is in very good and pristine condition, the fabric is undamaged and shiny. The manufacturer's size XL label is also present.

Jersey used during Parma - Juventus 1-1 (Ferrara, Asprilla)


Home version of the Parma shirt, with long sleeves and a white colour with blue and yellow patterns. Both the team patch and the logo of technical sponsor Puma are applied in flock. Also in blue velveteen, on the back is applied the ASPRILLA 18 customisation. Commercial sponsor Parmalat, in sublimation on the front. 

The jersey of Parma, produced for the 2009/2010 football season is in fair condition, except for the dirt stains with which it is strewn.

The fabric is intact, has no seams or tears. Inside we can still find the manufacturer's label with size XL.


White home model with black details, short sleeve and buttoned polo collar.

Just below the neckline is sewn the patch of Parma, while on the right is embroidered the logo of the technical sponsor Errea.

The two commercial sponsors are Navigare and Banca Monte Parma. 

On the back is applied in light black plastic the number 7. On the right sleeve is applied the patch of Lega Calcio Primavera.


Bozinov, Amoruso, Crespo.


Parma competition shorts made by Puma for the 1996/1997 season, kept in good condition, except for a few haloes.

Internal label size M.


Yellow model with blue details. Intact drawstring waistband with white regulating strap.

On the front in sublimatic Parma crest, while the left side always in sublimatic logo and lettering technical sponsor PUMA. 


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