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Atalanta N20 shorts produced by the technical sponsor Joma in the 2018/2019 season. Size L.


Atalanta training jacket produced by technical sponsor Lotto in 1992/1993. Size L.

The jacket features the Atalanta sports club crest, embroidered on the left side, and the Lotto technical brand logo on the right.

It features a zip closure, soft fabric and side pockets. The hood is adjustable thanks to the drawstrings.

There are Lotto side bands on the shoulders and sleeves. On the back of the jacket there is the Atalanta company logo.

In the 1992-1993 season, Atalanta, led by the emerging coach Marcello Lippi, came close to qualifying for the UEFA Cup, obtaining a total of 36 points.


1995/1996 Atalanta Asics Fortunato 5 Home Jersey. Atalanta home shirt of former footballer, playing defender, Daniele Fortunato, at the time with Atalanta.

The product can be clearly seen from the various photos. The shirt has long sleeves, has a stand-up collar that closes with a button, black cuffs with blue edges, and the predominant colors are the blue background and the black of the narrow vertical stripes that cross it; at the top left there is the club logo, while on the other side there is the Asics logo, in velvet and white, with related wording; under these elements, the logo of SOMET, the commercial sponsor, stands out.

On the back, in large size and in white, we find the word FORTUNATO and the number 5.


Asics Atalanta Shorts. Shorts made by the manufacturer Asics for the Bergamo football club Atalanta, also nicknamed the Goddess due to the connection of the team's name with the famous Greek myth. The size of the article is L.

The product is well presented by the photos dedicated to it. The shorts are dark blue; on both sides, outwards, two white vertical stripes create two sections; on the bottom of the left one, there is the flocked logo of Asics, the technical sponsor, in white, with its name nearby, while the club logo is applied on the opposite side.


2007/2008 Atalanta Errea Match Jersey . The year 2007 represented a very important moment in the history of Atalanta: in fact, on that date the club celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its foundation.

There are several photos that testify to the conditions in which the product is found. The shirt is short-sleeved, light blue with black vertical stripes; on the front stands out a black stand-up collar that can be tightened with laces; in the upper right corner the logo of the technical sponsor is embroidered in golden colour, complete with the wording 'errea' at the bottom; towards the end of the left sleeve we find the embroidered Atalanta 100 writing, again in golden colour, and below this the numbers 1907-2007, to underline the historic birthday; in the centre, a sewn patch, a sort of fusion between a comet and a ball, with the number 100 inside and the words ATALANTA and, smaller, BERGAMASCA CALCIO, with also two black and blue vertical bands spaced out by a small club logo; on the bottom of the shirt, on the left side, the same composition is reproduced, again stitched, but this time included in a black rectangle bordered in gold, again with the name Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, in white, followed by the numbers 1907 and 2007, delimited by two lines gold-colored, one written in a small horizontal blue band the other in another black one, and, below these, the inscription 100 YEARS.

The back of the shirt, on the other hand, is simply light blue with black vertical stripes.


2003/2004 Atalanta Asics Siviglia 22 Home Jersey. Sebastiano Siviglia is a former footballer, who played as a central defender, who wore the shirts of various clubs during his career: in particular, his experience in Lazio should be remembered, where he had the great responsibility of occupying the number 13, which for years it was owned by Alessandro Nesta.

The product is well highlighted by the various photos. The shirt has long sleeves, light blue with large black vertical stripes crossing it, even if the cuffs are black, with small white, black and blue horizontal bands inside; the logos of the commercial sponsors PROMATECH, SOMET and VAMATEX are applied in the center of the article; the logo of the Bergamo club is sewn on the top left, while the 'asics' logo and its name are painted on the right, in white; on the left sleeve the 'asics' logo is reproduced in sublimation and in white, while the LEGA CALCIO patch is embroidered.

On the back, the writing SIVIGLIA and the number 22, in white, are shown in thermo-applied and in large dimensions.


1996/1997 Atalanta Asics Training Jersey. Among the Atalanta ranks, in that period, a young Filippo Inzaghi came to light in Serie A, who, in addition to being the player who collected the highest number of appearances (33), also conquered the title of top scorer of the tournament, with twenty-four goals scored.

The product is clearly visible from the photos. The shirt has short sleeves, with an almost entirely blue collar, with a white part where the logo of the technical sponsor, 'asics', is affixed in black. The color that almost completely characterizes the article is white; on the sides there are two areas, one black and the other blue, which contain the white wording 'asics' in the texture of the fabric, while on the sleeves, both with black edges, the sponsor's logo is applied in sublimation, also in white technician; in sublimatic, in the center, the black writing SOMET, commercial sponsor, stands out, slightly above the Atalanta logo, which is in turn followed by the name in black CREDITO BERGAMASCO.

The back features, on a completely white background, the sublimation and black application of the sponsor SOMET and CREDITO BERGAMASCO; below these the Nerazzurri team logo stands out in considerable size.


2000/2001 Asics Atalanta Jacket. In the year mentioned, the Bergamo club, newly promoted to Serie A, coached by Giovanni Vavassori, made a surprising start, corroborated by the fact that in the first four days they won three out of four matches, leaping to the top of the standings. The continuation of the tournament, however, caused the Nerazzurri to lose positions, who finished the season in seventh place.

The state of the product can be deduced from the photos that concern it. The jacket has long sleeves, with a zip closure, and is broken down into various chromatic sections, at least as regards the front: from the top, going downwards, we initially have a white sector with light blue inserts; next, a broad blue horizontal band; continuing, a celestial sector; at the ends the fabric becomes light blue; the logo of the commercial sponsor, ORTOBELL, is sewn on the top left, accompanied by the writing CREBERG underneath, while the logo of Atalanta and that of 'asics', technical sponsor, are embroidered on the opposite side.

On the back, on a light blue background, the ORTOBELL patch is still sewn, in larger proportions, and the technical sponsor is applied in sublimation at the top and the wording CREDITO BERGAMASCO, in white, at the bottom.


Atalanta pennant, with black and blue vertical stripes, depicting the goddess symbol of the team, enclosed in a white and gold concentric circle, and the Italian Cup won in the 1962/1963 season.


Atalanta pennant, with black and blue vertical stripes, depicting the goddess symbol of the team, enclosed in a concentric circle, in white and gold and the Italian Cup won in the 1962/1963 season.


Official Atalanta pennant with black and blue vertical stripes and gold celebratory logo of the 100th anniversary of the Bergamo club, as well as the company crest enclosed in a vertical rectangle, with the typical colours. Italian tricolor on the back.


Atalanta windproof jacket and high collar, made by the technical sponsor Asics, in collaboration with the commercial sponsors Somet and Credito Bergamasco, for the 1996/1997 season. Model compliant with the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic evidence. XL size

The high-necked jacket of the Bergamo team is black, with a neckline up to the chest closed by two buttons and covered by light blue fabric,

Coat of arms of the sports club sewn on the left side, logo of the technical sponsor Asics applied on the right side and commercial sponsors Somet and Credito Bergamasco legible in the center of the model. All sponsors called out, in white, on the spine, in a larger format.


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