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€30.00 - €415.00

Shirt Type

The shirt is in excellent condition with no imperfections. Inside label with size XL.


Atalanta goalkeeper jersey produced for the 1992/1993 season. Black color and green and pink pattern on the upper part. The jersey has padding at the elbows. The commercial sponsor is Tamoil. The number 1 is applied on the back.


The sweatshirt is in fair condition. The fabric has no rips or haloes, but the zipper closure is damaged.


The Atalanta sweatshirt is produced by Asics for the 1995/1996 season. It is a half-zip model. The elastic at the waist and wrists gives a sportier fit. On the shoulders is a band with the logos of the technical sponsor Asics. The commercial sponsor is Somet.


The Atalanta jersey is kept in good condition. On the fabric you can see some small defects due to the wear of time.

Label with size XL in the neck.


Home version of the Atalanta jersey, season 1997/1998. Model with short sleeves and polo collar.

The colour is white with shades of blue and black. 

The Atalanta patch is sewn on the heart side, while the technical sponsor Asics is applied in black flock on the right.

Always in black flock, we find the personalization applied on the back BOSELLI 13.

Finally, the Lega Calcio patch is stitched on the left sleeve.


The 1997/1998 season was a difficult one for Atalanta, as in addition to finishing 16th in the championship, it also ended Mondonico's tenure as coach.


Caccia, Chianese, Zanini.

Season: 1990/1991

atalanta ennerre jersey no.3 90/91

Atalanta home match shirt made by the historic NR brand for the 1990/1991 season.


The home version of the jersey is in excellent condition. The fabric, soft to the touch, does not present any discontinuity of colour. In the typical colours of the club from Bergamo, the model has short sleeves with intact piping. The polo collar has no stitching defects. On the front of the heart is the face of the Goddess, Atalanta's historical emblem. On the right side the sewn logo NR, technical sponsor. In the centre, the sublimation main sponsor TAMOIL. On the back, with some small colour defects, the number 3 is applied in light plastic.  Internal label size L. 

ANECDOTE: The 1990/1991 season saw Atalanta on their way to a great ride in the Uefa Cup. On the field were Stomberg, Canniggia, Evair, Nicolini, Pasciulli and Progna. The start was against Dinamo Zagreb, but Evair's penalty resulted in a draw and a passage to the round of 16. So on to a long series of victories in Europe 4-1 against Fenerhbace, then the lead over Cologne. In the quarter-finals, fate had it that it was an all-Italian derby against Trapattoni's Inter, the future winners of that season's cup. The Serena-Matthaus duo on fatal and eliminated the Orobici in three minutes. 

TOP PLAYERS: Caniggia, Ferron, Evair, Maniero, Orlandini. 



Season: 1993/1994

atalanta lotto ml jersey no.4 1993/1994 ls

Atalanta match shirt produced by Lotto for the 1993/1994 season with number 4 applied.

Vintage Atalanta jersey in good condition. The fabric is a bit 'felted in the lower area but is still soft to the touch. Made in the typical corporate colours of black and blue does not show discontinuity of tone. The model has long sleeves with elastic cuffs without defects. The collar has a button closure and is only sewn the small buttonhole cord. On the front heart side there is the face of the Goddess sewn in profile, the historical symbol of the club from Bergamo, with the lettering ATALANTA 1907. On the right side in sublimation lozenge and lettering technical sponsor LOTTO. In the centre sublimation main sponsor TAMOIL. On the back in flok number 4 applied. Internal label a little faded size XL. 

ANECDOTE: Not a prosperous season for Atalanta, which starts with all the best intentions and expectations with a young Francesco Guidolin on the bench, who will be exonerated halfway through the season due to the poor results. The only really noteworthy episode of this season is the victory both at home and at San Siro against Inter. 

TOP PLAYERS: Montero, Mangoni, Ganz




Vintage Atalanta jacket made by NR for the 1990/1991 season. 


Vintage Atalanta jacket in excellent condition. 

Full zip model with damaged slider.

No colour imperfections.

The fabric is soft to the touch.

On the front side, heart side, main sponsor TAMOIL and sublimation of the club crest.

On the right side Atalanta sublimation lettering. 

Sublimation technical sponsor NR logo. 

On the back main sponsor TAMOIL lettering in patent leather. 


Atalanta qualified for the Uefa Cup the previous year and managed to eliminate Dinamo Zagreb, Fenerbahçe and Cologne in the first competition. However, they were then stopped by their compatriot Inter. 


Vintage Atalanta jacket made by Lotto for the 1991/1992 season. 


Vintage Atalanta jacket in good condition. 

Full zip model in working order. 

No colour imperfections.

The fabric is soft to the touch.

On the front side heart main sponsor TAMOIL varnished a little bit damaged. 

On the right side Atalanta lettering in patent leather. 

Sewn logo technical sponsor LOTTO. 

On the back, patent leather lettering main sponsor TAMOIL. 


The team from Bergamo all in all in the 1991/1992 season brings home a good position. A very curious episode happened during the match against Cremonese, when the then goalkeeper Michelangelo Rampulla scored. 


Away Atalanta jersey made by Asics for the season 2002/2003 with customization PIA 13


Jersey in perfect condition and bright colors. 

The long sleeve model has Toppa serie A on the right arm. 

On the front side heart Atalanta crest sewn. 

On the right side in velvety rubberized ASICS logo. 

In the middle, the main sponsors PROMATEC, SOMET, VAMATEX. 

On the back in PIA' 13 velvet.


Home Jersey Atalanta made by ASICS for the football season 1997/1998 with customization BOSELLI 13 


The jersey is kept in good condition. 

The colors are bright and there are no discontinuity of tone. 

Half sleeve jersey, on the right arm Football League patch sewn. 

On the front side heart sewn crest of Atalanta. 

On the right side in rubber in good condition logo technical sponsor ASICS. 

At the center in weft main sponsor SOMET. 

On the back in flok BOSELLI 13. 


Difficult season for both the Bergamasque club and for Boselli. The club relegates with the last of the championship and Boselli does not find a place in the team for the continuous injuries. 


The first jersey of Atalanta, from the 1996/1997 football season, is in excellent condition. The fabric has no tears or halos.

Also present inside the manufacturer's label with the size XL.


Jersey with the classic black and blue colours of the team, with short sleeves and polo collar.

Personalisation on the back in white velvet CACCIA 11. The commercial sponsor of the jersey is Somet, while the technical sponsor is Asics, applied in flock on the right.

The Lega Calcio patch is sewn onto the right sleeve.


Jersey in excellent condition. Fabric intact, without halos or tears. Inside is the manufacturer's label heat-sealed with the size XXL.

The jersey is signed by the player.


Atalanta away jersey, season 2018/2019. Model with V-neck and half sleeves. On the front are embroidered the patch of the technical sponsor Joma on the right. In the middle, applied with sublimation printing, we find the team logo and the commercial sponsor Radici Group, while on the left, applied in light plastic, is the other commercial sponsor U-Power. On the back are printed lettering DUVAN and the number 91. On the right sleeve is applied the patch of Serie A, while on the left is applied the sponsor AutoMha.


The jersey is in good condition, maintaining the original characteristics.

Dimensions: height 76cm, width 60 cm


The second Atalanta jersey of white color, is characterized by the V-neck edged in blue. The blue extends to the shoulders in two bands of perforated fabric. The Atalanta patch is embroidered on the heart side, the logo of the technical sponsor Asics is applied in black velvet. Always in black velvet, we have on the back the personalization DONI 27. Patch of the Football League, applicat asulla right sleeve. The commercial sponsor, applied with sublimation printing, is Promotech.



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