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The jersey is in very good condition. The inside label with size XXL is also present.


Training model with half sleeves and in red color produced by Errea for the 1999/2000 football season. Team patch and Errea logo applied in flock. The commercial sponsor Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria is instead applied in painted. 


The jersey appears to be in excellent condition. Inside is the manufacturer's label with size XL.


Long-sleeve training jersey in royal blue with white details. The club patch is sewn on heart side, while the Asics logo is applied in flock on the right side. The commercial sponsor is Vannnucci Piante.


The jersey appears to be in perfect condition, the fabric is intact and there are no discolorations. Inside label with size M.


Home model in gray color with black and white details. Short sleeve and crew neck. The technical sponsor is Adidas and we find it in embroidery on the right side of the front. On the back is MUSTACCHIO 17 personalization and the Serie B patch applied on the right sleeve. Main sponsor is Y3K.


The jersey is kept in excellent, like-new condition. Also present is the inside label with the size L.


Spezia's first jersey, season 2020/2021 is produced by Acerbis, the Club's technical sponsor. It is a half-sleeve model in white with details in black from shoulder to shoulder. Heart side, applied in grommet the vintage Spezia ASC crest. Embroidered tricolor badge on right side. Acerbis lettering applied in grommet just below neckline. Personalization on the back BARTOLOMEI 16 and Serie A patch on the sleeve. Main sponsor Ten Food & Beverage.


The jersey is in good condition but has a few marks, while the fabric is undamaged. Inside label with size XL.


Home model in white and red with half sleeves and crew neck. Version produced by technical sponsor Macron, with inserts of breathable fabric in the sides and shoulders. The Rimini Calcio patch is sewn on the heart side and the jersey is autographed in the centre. The RICCHIUTI 10 personalisation is applied on the back. The Lega Calcio patch is applied on the right sleeve and the Macron logo is sewn on, which can also be found on the other sleeve. Main sponsor Cocif Doors Windows.

Season: 1995/1996

1995/1996 home spal asics jersey ls n16

The jersey is kept in excellent condition as it has no fabric or colour defects. Inside label with size XL.


Spal home model produced by Asics for the 1995/1996 season. Long sleeve version with polo collar and snap button. Blue and white vertical stripes pattern. The jersey is personalised with the number 16 in sublimation. Team logo applied on the heart side and commercial sponsor sewn on the right. Main sponsor Cassa Risparmio di Ferrara.

Season: 2005/2006

2003/2004 third ternana borgobello 23 jersey

The shirt is in fair condition. Inside there is the XXL size.

Ternana third shirt from the 2003/2004 season produced by Errea. Customization on the back Borgobello 23 in white. On the arm there is the Lega Calcio patch made for the first part of the championship.


Season: 1997/1998

1997/1998 spal half-zip jacket

Spal half-zip jacket produced by Asics for the 1997/1998 season. The product is in good condition, no rips or haloes. The applications appear worn by time.

Inside there is still the manufacturer's label with size XL.


3/4 zip model. The jacket features 3 colours, grey, royal blue and white, and 2 types of fabric, fleece and acetate.

On the front are sewn the Asics technical sponsor patch on the heart side and the Club patch on the right. 

On the back are applied in light plastic both the commercial sponsor Cassa risparmio Ferrara and the technical sponsor.


Livorno's first jersey, season 2010/2011 appears in excellent condition, with fabric and applications intact.

Inside is thermo-applied the manufacturer's label with size L.


Model with short sleeves and polo collar in red with black details. The technical sponsor is Legea and we find it in embroidery both in the centre and on the two sleeves.

Also in embroidery, there is the Club patch on the heart side.

On the back are printed white lettering D'Alessandro and the number 12. Applied is the Serie B patch on the right sleeve.

Commercial sponsor of the shirt is Gruppo Carige.

The stamp of authenticity is also present 


Dionisi, Tavani.

Season: 2009/2010

2009/2010 siena kappa vests

Siena's sleeveless shirt from the 2009/2010 season is in good condition but has a damaged zip.

Inside there is the manufacturer's label with the size M.


Black full zip model with high collar. Comfortable side pockets and elastic waist for a better fit.

The Siena patch is embroidered on the heart side and Kappa little men on the right.

Monte Paschi commercial sponsor in embroidery on the front.


Ravenna shirt, 1997/1998 season kept in excellent condition. Intact fabric and bright colours.

Inside there is still the Errea label with size XXL


Red home model with polo collar and long sleeves. Details in yellow on the edges of the collar, cuffs and left shoulder.

The Ravenna patch is applied in flock on the heart side. The Errea logo is sublimation printed on the right.

SOGLIANO yellow lettering and the number 27 are printed on the back. Applied on the right sleeve is the Lega Calcio patch.

The commercial sponsor is Lloyd Italico.


Rubini, Buonocore, Francioso.


The Lucchese jacket, produced by Umbro for the 1991/92 season, is preserved in good condition.

The zip pull is missing.

Inside there is the manufacturer's label with size M.


Full zip model in red and black with grey details. Lucchese patch embroidered on the heart side and Umbro logo on the right.

Elastic at waist and wrists for a better fit.


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