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Shirt Type

Bayern Munich home shirt from the 90s made by the technical sponsor Adidas for the Bavarian club. The product looks like in the photo. Inner size L

Well finished model with polo collar and ribbed neckline, on which the club's initials are embroidered. The team crest and the Adidas logo are embroidered. The Opel commercial sponsor is applied in flock, the Elber 9 personalization and the Bayern Munchen lettering are applied on the back. Adidas stripes on shoulders and Bundesliga patch.

We Italians remember Bayern's 1997/1998 season for a memorable interview given by the Bavarian coach Giovanni Trapattoni, in which he railed against the squad in a harsh German


Real Madrid centenary shirt produced by Adidas for the 2001/2002 football season. The garment is clearly visible in the attached photos. XL size

In black, produced on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the Spanish club, with polo collar, embroidered Adidas logo, embroidered club crest and embroidered Real Madrid 1902-2002 lettering. On the back there is the personalization with Zidane 5 name and number

2001 was the year in which the French star Zinedine Zidane was bought by the Madrid team. The champion totaled 49 total appearances making 12 goals

Season: 1992/1993

maglia gara milan adidas

AC Milan away shirt made by technical sponsor Adidas for the 1992/1993 football season. The product looks like in the photo.

White model with contrasting red and black details, long sleeves with polo collar and V-neck, some knitwear details. Commercial sponsor Motta in sublimatic, Adidas crest in sublimatic.

The workaholic of the season with the most appearances on the field between the championship and the cups was Paolo Maldini with 50 total appearances


AC Milan shirt produced by Adidas for the 1990/1991 football season. Product that is kept as visible in the photo

Model for home games in the colors with red and black vertical bands, long sleeves with ribbed V-neck and polo collar. Applied Adidas logo, star stitched on top of heart, Mediolanum commercial sponsor in sublimatic

In the 1990/1991 season, during the transfer campaign, goalkeeper Sebastiano Rossi, one of the most popular of the Berlusconi era, married in Milan

Season: 1990/1991

1990/1991 Milan Adidas jacket

Giacca ufficiale del Milan prodotta dall'Adidas ad inizio degli anni 90. Prodotto che si presenta come da foto. Taglia interna L

Track top di colore bianco con inserti in rosso e nero e le stripes Adidas sulle spalle. Coppa dei campioni cucita lato cuore così come la stella, sponsor commerciale Mediolanum serigrafato. Adidas serigrafato. Lo sponsor commerciale è impresso anche sul retro del capo

Nella stagione 1990/1991 il Milan guidato da Sacchi vince la Supercoppa Uefa nel derby italiano contro la Sampdoria e la coppa intercontinentale contro i paraguaiani del club Olimpia


AC Milan away jersey made by technical sponsor Adidas for the 1999/2000 season in excellent condition. Model compliant with the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic evidence. XL size

The away jersey of the Milanese team is white with red inserts, as are the edges of the sleeves. On the left side, the emblem of the club with a gold star is sewn in and the logo of the commercial sponsor Opel is legible in black, on the right side, however, the logo of the technical sponsor Adidas is applied, also in black. The name of the Milanese club is embroidered in black on the lower edge of the shirt, while the logos of the two sponsors are reproduced in a larger format on the back.

In the 1999/2000 season, the Ukrainian Andrij Ševčenko arrived in Milan, who won the Ballon d'Or in 2004. However, the striker, together with athletes Taribo West, Gennaro Ivan Gattuso and Serginho, only managed to finish third in the Serie A championship, without also winning any important trophies.


Soviet Union match jersey made by technical sponsor Adidas for the 1988/1989 season and in excellent condition. The fabric is free from defects, stretch marks or seams and there are no stains or streaks. Size not specified

The jersey of the then Soviet Union is in red with a faded effect, with the collar and V-neck in white. The acronym of the Soviet federation can be read in white on the chest, the national team crest is applied to the heart side, while the logo of the technical sponsor Adidas is applied to the heart side. Along all the sleeves there are three red stripes on a white background, representing the technical sponsor.

The Soviet Union national team played matches from 1924 to 1991, winning the inaugural European Football Championship in 1960. The Olympic formation, on the other hand, won two gold medals. With the birth of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), this national team disappeared, as did the one that replaced it, making room in turn for the national teams of the individual states that once made up the Soviet Union.


Short-sleeved Germany home jersey made by the technical sponsor Adidas in 1990. Model in excellent condition, without seams or stains, the colors are bold and have not faded. Size 7/8

The Germany jersey is white with V-shaped inserts on the chest and sleeves, in the three colors of the German flag: yellow, black and red. On the left side the emblem of the German national team is sewn in black, on the right side, also in black, there is the logo of the technical sponsor Adidas. On the shoulders there are three black stripes representing the sponsor Adidas and the white neckline is round in jersey.

West Germany in 1990 was awarded the victory of the World Cup held in Rome, in a final involving the opponent Argentina. Thanks to a goal by Andreas Brehme five minutes from time, the Germans stole the cup from the Albiceleste at the Stadio Olimpico.


Fiorentina away magic produced by the technical sponsor Adidas at the beginning of the 2000s. The product is in excellent condition both for the fabric and for the applications. Label size L

White in color with the cross band and Adidas stripes in purple. With polo collar, embroidered technical sponsor, embroidered club crest, Fondiaria SAI commercial sponsor in sublimatic. Football League patch applied to arm. Name and number Graffiedi 20 applied on the back

In the 2003/2004 season Mattia Graffiedi contributed to the promotion of Viola to Serie A by collecting 40 appearances with 8 goals in total


Fiorentina shirt produced by the technical sponsor Adidas for the 2004/2005 football season. The item is in excellent condition with no obvious defects. Size L

Model in the traditional purple color, used for the club's home matches, with polo collar, embroidered Adidas logo, sewn Fiorentina logo, Toyota commercial sponsor. The Savini 19 personalization is applied on the back

In the 2004/2005 season, Savini collected 17 total appearances at Fiorentina before moving to Napoli the following season


Manchester United away jersey made by sponsor Umbro in the 1992/1993 season. Model in excellent condition, uniform fabric and bold colors.
Bayern Munich home jersey made by the technical sponsor Adidas in the 1995/1996 season. The model is in excellent condition, the fabric is uniform and without defects, the colors are bright. XL size

The jersey of the German team has vertical red and blue stripes, with a white jersey collar and red and blue stripes. The club crest is sewn on the heart side, while the white logos of the technical sponsor Adidas and the commercial sponsor Opel can be read in the centre.Three white stripes appear on the sleeves, representing the technical sponsor, while the team lettering appears on the back.

In the 1995/1996 season, the Bavarians were coached by coach Otto Rehhagel. Champions such as Jürgen Klinsmann and Andreas Herzog are added to the squad and, subsequently, Franz Beckenbauer sits on the bench. In this way they win the second place in the Bundesliga, as well as the victory of the UEFA Cup.


Juventus goalkeeper jersey made by technical sponsor Adidas and worn by number 22 Perin during the 2018/2019 season. The model is in perfect condition, the fabric is uniform, without tears or stretch marks, the colors are still vivid. S size

The Juventus goalkeeper jersey features horizontal and irregular stripes in teal and dark green, while the sleeves and V-neck are entirely in dark green. On the shoulders there are bands in fluo yellow and on the heart side the logo of the Turin team and 3 gold stars are visible. On the right side you can see a tricolor cockade and the logo of the technical sponsor Adidas. On the chest, on the other hand, a tricolor shield and the logo of the commercial sponsor Jeep are applied. The teal back is characterized by the print of the number 22 Perin, in white, and by the presence of the brand of the back sponsor Cygames.

Latina goalkeeper Mattia Perin has been wearing the black and white shirt since 2018, with the exception of the 2020/2021 season in which he played for Genoa. Precisely in the 201/2019 season he obtained, with his teammates, the victory of the Scudetto, positioning himself in first place in the Serie A standings. He is not always able to play as a starter with Juventus and is attributed to him the role of twelfth of Szczęsny . Due to the latter's recent injury, today he defends the posts as first goalkeeper.


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