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The home shirt made by Ennerre for the 1983/1984 season is in good condition, the color is still vivid. present some imperfections and a seam. L / XL fit. Size 50

Light blue long sleeve home model. The uniform has a jersey collar with a white V-neck in dialogue with the cuffs. On the front, on the left, the company logo: the stylized blue eagle is embroidered inside a diamond shape. On the right the logo of the technical sponsor Ennerre is sewn, in the center the commercial sponsor Seleco is applied in patent leather. The stylized eagle in navy blue is also applied in patent leather on the back.

The year seemed to open under the best auspices for the newly promoted Lazio, first for the return to the top flight after three years in the cadetteria, and then for the return of the unforgettable flag Giorgio Chinaglia, who had just become the club's majority shareholder. Despite this, the Lazio eleven finally closed the tournament in a painful thirteenth place, reaching safety on the last day.


The home shirt produced by Ennerre for the 1985/1986 season. It is in good condition, the fabric generally retains its original characteristics, except for small imperfections. Slightly faded fabric. Absent size label, the shirt has a fit of an L.
Light blue long-sleeved home model in Scotland thread. The company logo is present on the front side of the heart: a stylized blue eagle embroidered on a patch and sewn onto the shirt. On the right sewn the logo of the technical sponsor Ennerre. In the center in flock the commercial sponsor Castor.

In the 1985/86 season, Lazio placed 12th in the standings with 36 points, tied with Arezzo and Catania. It has 11 wins, 14 draws and 13 losses. The team's goalscorer is Garlini with 19 goals, followed by Caso with 4 and Fiorini with 3.


Turris home shirt, 1982/1983 vintage, is in perfect condition. The number in white cloth is sewn on the back.


Red sweater with Ennerre Logo sewn on the left side.

JVC sponsor painted white on the front.

On the back there is the number 3 sewn in a zig zag pattern.


UC Sampdoria home shirt produced by the historic sponsor Ennerre for the 1982/83 football season preserved in excellent condition, with some due to the passage of time on the number 10. Internal label with size 42.


Long-sleeved model in blue color and transversal bands, with polo collar and V-neck. The wool fabric, the technical sponsor Ennerre sewn on the left side, the commercial sponsor Phonola applied in screen printing, on the back number 10 in tape is sewn.
Historic Sampdoria shirt from the 80s


Ennerre jacket produced for the 1985/1986 Serie A season for official Sampdoria clothing preserved in good condition, there is some halo on the front. Internal label with size 50.


Full zip model in royal blue with white bands on the shoulders with repeated NR logos. The manufacturer's logo is sewn on the heart side, above the commercial sponsor Phonola applied with a painted effect. The Sampdoria writing is also painted on the right, the commercial sponsor is also screen-printed on the back
Sampdoria collection clothing


Sampdoria jacket made by the technical sponsor Ennerre in the 80s. Garment supplied to the Sampdoria club in fairly good condition.

Model with corean collar, inserts in contrasting fabric that recall the choirs of the team, knit cuffs. The Ennerre logo is sewn while the Sampdoria lettering and that of the commercial sponsor are painted. The sponsor Phonola is painted on the back

Official Sampdoria product of the 1985/1986 season


Roma tracksuit from the late 80s in good condition, with some small stains on the left sleeve

The full zip sweatshirt features the Roma logo with the Lupa sewn on the right and the Ennerre logo sewn on the left side. The sponsor Barilla is screen-printed both on the front and on the back, the writing AS Roma is screen-printed on the heart side under the logo of the technical sponsor. The applications show no imperfections apart from some signs of aging

The band with the NR logo is applied on the sleeves

There are Ennerre labels and size 52


Roma training pants in wool from the 1986/1987 football season in excellent condition. Internal label in size 50

With elastic and drawstring at the waist, pockets and zip at the ankles. The logo of the technical sponsor is screen-printed and on the sleeves repeated on a yellow band

Official vintage product of the Giallorossi team


Maglia da allenamento della Roma realizzata dalla Ennerre negli anni 80. Prodotto in ottimo stato di conservazione. Presenta la taglia interna 52

Modello a manica lunga con lo sponsor commerciale Barilla serigrafato sulla parte anteriore, Logo Ennerre e stemma della Lupa cuciti

Prodotto vintage della Roma calcio realizzato per la stagione calcistica 1988/1989


Roma away shirt from the 90s made by Ennerre, technical sponsor of the Giallorossi club. Product in excellent condition, with no defects. Inside there are the NR label and size L

Model with polo collar and tone-on-tone V-neck, with knit cuffs. From the traditional white color with sublimation yellow and red inserts. The AS Roma crest is sewn on the left side, the Ennerre logo is sewn on the right side while the commercial sponsor is made of sublimation
Roma Calcio retro shirt


Jersey in very good condition, but with a few haloes. Ennerre manufacturer's label inside still present. Dimensions are 75 cm long and 59 cm wide.


Long-sleeve pattern with polo neck and V-neck. Red and white vertical stripe pattern. On the front the patches are sewn on. On the left we have the Club patch and on the right the technical sponsor NR. On the back, applied in light royal blue plastic, the number 8.


Bathrobe in excellent condition. The terry keeps its softness and the colors are vivid. Inside label with size XL.


The Roma bathrobe produced by NR for the 1989/1990 football season is red with yellow details. The NR logo is sewn on the heart side. The commercial sponsor is Barilla.

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