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The shirt is in excellent condition. Also present inside the label with size L.


Away version shirt produced by Ennerre for the 1990/1991 football season. Model, with the logos ennerre in the plot, which that year was also proposed for other teams such as Napoli and Roma. Ennerre logo stitched, Sponsor Cocif in texture and club logo in patent leather. On the back of the shirt there is the black number 8.



Napoli jersey produced by Ennerre for the 1989/1990 season, kept in excellent condition. except for a few marks on the front.

Inside there is still the manufacturer's label with size 46.


Full zip model in lightweight fleece, light blue with white details. Logo of technical sponsor Ennerre sewn on the heart side and Napoli patch applied on the right side. 

The commercial sponsor is Mars that we find applied both on the front and on the back.


Maradona, Careca, Zola.


The Roma jersey, produced by Ennerre for the 1989/1990 season, appears to be in excellent condition.

There is no label inside, but the dimensions are 68 cm in height and 59 cm in width.

In addition, the jersey appears to be autographed on the back.


Green, long-sleeved, V-neck training model. Neckline and sleeve edging in yellow and red.

The team patch is stitched on the front on the right and the technical sponsor Ennerre patch on the left.

The commercial sponsor of the shirt is Barilla. 


Voller, Baldieri, Aiello.


The Roma jersey, produced by Ennerre for the 1990/1991 season, is in fair condition with no particular signs of wear.

The inside size label is no longer present, but the dimensions are 73 cm high and 54 cm wide.


Red home model with yellow details. Short sleeve and polo collar. 

The team patch is stitched on the heart side on the front, while the logo of technical sponsor Ennerre is on the right, but we find it imprinted in the weave of the entire jersey.

The commercial sponsor is Barilla.


For Roma this was the season of the scandal known as the Lipopill affair, due to the positive doping test results of goalkeeper Angelo Peruzzi and Andrea Carnevale. Also in this season, president Dino Viola died of an intestinal tumour. These unpropitious events gave Roma a ninth place finish in the league.


Voller, Giannini, Carnevale.


Season: 1979/1980

Home Jersey Pescara 1979/1980 nr

Pescara Calcio jersey made by NR for the season 1979/1980. 


Rare vintage wool jersey kept in perfect conditions. 
The jersey has no discontinuity of color. 
The colors are bright and intact. 
Long sleeve model with cuffs in good condition. 
On the front label on the right side logo technical sponsor NR.

On the back number 5


A championship for Pescara always fighting to stay in Serie A. In addition, this championship will also be remembered for the facts not happened in the field The Black Toto where Milan is relegated to Serie B after arriving in third place. 


Preserved jersey in good condition with no fabric imperfections but several stains on the left side. Present inside the label with the size 52.


Fiorentina Ennerre jersey with painted Opel sponsor. Long-sleeved 80's soccer jersey, Away model with the number 10 sewn in a zigzag pattern on the back. Painted halberd lily. Sewn-in technical sponsor.


The best purple player of the 85/86 season was surely Daniel Passarella, one of the best free agents in the history of soccer. Baggio arrived, although he made his debut the following season, and Marco Van Basten, who then went to AC Milan, faded into the background.

TOP PLAYERS: Contratto, Monelli, Massaro, Antognoni, Passarella.


Season: 1990/1991

atalanta ennerre jersey no.3 90/91

Atalanta home match shirt made by the historic NR brand for the 1990/1991 season.


The home version of the jersey is in excellent condition. The fabric, soft to the touch, does not present any discontinuity of colour. In the typical colours of the club from Bergamo, the model has short sleeves with intact piping. The polo collar has no stitching defects. On the front of the heart is the face of the Goddess, Atalanta's historical emblem. On the right side the sewn logo NR, technical sponsor. In the centre, the sublimation main sponsor TAMOIL. On the back, with some small colour defects, the number 3 is applied in light plastic.  Internal label size L. 

ANECDOTE: The 1990/1991 season saw Atalanta on their way to a great ride in the Uefa Cup. On the field were Stomberg, Canniggia, Evair, Nicolini, Pasciulli and Progna. The start was against Dinamo Zagreb, but Evair's penalty resulted in a draw and a passage to the round of 16. So on to a long series of victories in Europe 4-1 against Fenerhbace, then the lead over Cologne. In the quarter-finals, fate had it that it was an all-Italian derby against Trapattoni's Inter, the future winners of that season's cup. The Serena-Matthaus duo on fatal and eliminated the Orobici in three minutes. 

TOP PLAYERS: Caniggia, Ferron, Evair, Maniero, Orlandini. 




The jacket of Catanzaro of the season 1983/1984, is preserved in good condition.

Inside we still find the label of the commercial sponsor Ennerre with the size 52.


Full zip sweatshirt model, navy blue with red and yellow details.

Ennerre logo stitched on the right side and CATANZARO writing painted in white on the heart side.

Elasticated waist and cuffs for a better fit.


Vintage Atalanta jacket made by NR for the 1990/1991 season. 


Vintage Atalanta jacket in excellent condition. 

Full zip model with damaged slider.

No colour imperfections.

The fabric is soft to the touch.

On the front side, heart side, main sponsor TAMOIL and sublimation of the club crest.

On the right side Atalanta sublimation lettering. 

Sublimation technical sponsor NR logo. 

On the back main sponsor TAMOIL lettering in patent leather. 


Atalanta qualified for the Uefa Cup the previous year and managed to eliminate Dinamo Zagreb, Fenerbahçe and Cologne in the first competition. However, they were then stopped by their compatriot Inter. 


The jersey is stored in perfect condition with no defects. Fabric intact and soft to the touch. Inside is the manufacturer's label with the size 50.


Pisa home version jersey, season 1985/1986. Long sleeve model with polo collar. On the front is sewn heart side of the technical sponsor Ennerre and the center is applied, with a screen printed effect, the commercial sponsor Ebano.


Preserved jersey in excellent condition, no major fabric imperfections noted. Present the manufacturer's label with the size XL.


Home long-sleeved shirt of Foggia of the 1996/1997 season. Red color with black stripes, sublimation Foggia logo and Ennerre sewn on the chest, lettering "OSHADOGAN" painted and sublimation number 20 on the back.


The Brescia got the first place in the standings in Serie B, returning to Serie A after 2 years of absence in an unexpected way as in the last season, struggled not to relegate to C1. Oshadogan, defender and penalty kicker, scored 5 goals with Foggia and was the first black player to wear the jersey of the Italian national team, although only in the under-21.

TOP PLAYERS: Oshadogan, Di Michele, Mancini, Zanchetta.


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Season: 1984/1985

lazio ennerre castor training jersey 1984/1985

Product status

Preserved jersey in good condition, without many fabric imperfections and with some fading in the painted logos on the front of the uniform. There is no size label inside. The jersey measures 70 cm in length and 49 cm in width.


Blue Lazio training jersey, 1984/1985 season. It features the painted Lazio and Castor logos (the latter also on the back) and the NR logo stitched on the right side.


The 1984/1985 season for Lazio was a disastrous one. The president and former glory of Lazio Sergio Chinaglia, in fact, had to change coach 3 times but in the end Lazio could not avoid the penultimate place and relegation to Serie B. The championship was won, somewhat surprisingly, by Verona and Serie A welcomed Diego Armando Maradona.

TOP PLAYERS: Orsi, Giordano, Laudrup.



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