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1988/1989 Sampdoria Kappa Jacket. Jacket made by the manufacturer Kappa as technical sponsor for the Sampdoria football club, with commercial sponsor ERG.

The product is clearly visible from the various photos relating to it. The jacket is long-sleeved, predominantly blue, with the presence of beautiful white and black inserts, and gray on the cuffs, collar and bottom of the jacket itself; note the presence of a white hood behind the back adjustable with laces in the collar area; the blue Kappa logo on vertical white bands is printed on the sleeves; on the front of the article we see a horizontal white band on the abdomen and two oblique white bands towards the sides; the club logo is applied in the center, while a little further down, slightly out of the way, there is the black Kappa logo on the abdomen band.

On the back, in addition to the hood, we find the oblique white bands and the horizontal one already seen in the front section of the jacket; moreover, in large dimensions, the white wording of ERG appears.

Season: Anni 90

90s Juventus Kappa Socks

90s Juventus Kappa Socks. Socks made by the manufacturer Kappa for the Juventus football club, enhancing the club's social colors, with the presence of the usual aqua green.

The product is clearly visible from the photos. The socks are predominantly black, even if the upper part of the article is white; just above the ankles we find a white oval with aqua green edges with the logo of Kappa, the technical sponsor of the black and whites, inside.

2010 Celebratory T-shirt Inter Champions League Final Madrid. T-shirt that was created to celebrate the famous 'Triplete', and, more specifically, the triumphant victory in Madrid for two to zero, by Diego Milito, against Bayern Munich who gave Javier Zanetti and his companions the Champions League.

The product is clearly visible from the various photos. The t-shirt has short sleeves, in black, and is made up of various details applied in screen printing, on the front and on the back; as regards the front section, just below the collar there is the wording 'Finale Madrid 2010'; next to this there are, on one side the logo of the club containing the logo of the city of Milan, while on the other there is the tricolor; below these stands a masterful representation of the Champions League; below this, there is an inscription 'Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich'.

On the rear section, in dimensions that cover a large part of the article, there is the logo of the Champions League.

Season: Anni 80

1980s Figc Referee Ennerre

1980s Figc Referee Ennerre Jersey. A scene imprinted in everyone's imagination regarding referees is that relating to the Brazilian Coelho, who, in the 1982 World Cup final, to decree the end of the match and sanction Italy's victory, took the ball and lifted high as soon as it happened between its parts.

The product is clearly visible from the photos dedicated to it. The shirt is long-sleeved, with a white stand-up collar that narrows with a zipper, and its predominant color is black, which alternates in darker and lighter vertical bands; as regards the front, on the left side there is a large pocket and, just above it, the embroidered FIGC patch with circular writing ARBITRO FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA GIUOCO CALCIO; the logo of the technical sponsor, Ennerre, is embroidered on the opposite side.

The back of the item has no other features of note.

Years 70 Juventus Training Sweatshirt. The FC Juventus football team, in the aforementioned era, experienced a moment of profound renewal, as evidenced by, in addition to the returns from loans of Franco Causio and Roberto Bettega, the additions of Luciano Spinosi and Fabio Capello.

The product can be clearly identified thanks to the various photos. The sweatshirt has long sleeves, in dark blue color, with a stand-up collar that tightens by means of a zip; in the center, the large wordings F.C, and JUVENTUS extend in white, with the design of a golden star slightly on the top left in spite of the first wording.

The reverse has nothing distinctive against the dark blue background.

2000/2001 Referee Jersey Figc Diadora . In that year, which marked the entry into the new millennium, the Serie A championship was won by Roma, which succeeded Lazio, the reigning Italian champions.

The product is clearly visible thanks to the photos that facilitate its identification. The shirt has short sleeves and a black stand-up collar that fastens with two buttons; the main color is water green, crossed by small black vertical grooves throughout its structure, but from the collar there are two bands of black fabric that reach from the shoulders to the ends of the sleeves; on the front, at chest height, two large black pockets are sewn: on the right one, the logo of the technical sponsor is painted in white, complete with the wording DIADORA at the bottom, while on the opposite side, on the left, the embroidered FIGC patch.

The reverse is simply teal with the small vertical black grooves mentioned above, with no other distinctive elements.

1995/1996 Third Inter Umbro Third Socks. The formation of the F.C. International, in the biennium mentioned, he had little satisfactions in the championship, ranking as seventh, and chewing bitterly in the Coppa Uefa, due to the elimination in the semifinal; However, it was precisely in the summer of 1995 that the new president Massimo Moratti brought to the conclusion the purchase of the Argentine full -back Javier Zanetti, who will then become a real legend of the Nerazzurri club.

The product is clearly visible from the photos that concern it. The main color is blue, but in reality the initial section of the sock is white, with two small horizontal bands, in the texture of the fabric, slightly distant, in yellow and, again, in light blue; Just above the ankle the fabric of the article presents grooves, and on this background the last details, sewn: the Inter logo with the classic star and, below this, the Umbro logo, technical sponsor, of the club at the time, also in yellow.

2007/2008 Pennant Inter Cagliari-Inter. F.C.Internazionale 1908 pennant relating to the match on 16 December 2007 between Cagliari and Inter, which finished 2-0 for the Nerazzurri thanks to goals from Cruz and the historic ex Suazo.

The product can be clearly seen from the photos. it is characterized by a triangular shape; on the edges, on the right and on the left, there are golden colored filaments; the background of the pennant is white, both on the front and on the back: the only detail on the back is the label, on which the Inter logo is printed, in black, blue, white and yellow, followed by by the black wording F.C Internazionale, and above all the words PRODOTTO UFFICIALE and OFFICIAL PRODUCT.

On the front of the pennant in question we find various embroidered details: at the top appears the writing in italics F.C. International, and below this is the founding date of the club, 1908; going down, two horizontal colored bands appear, one black and one blue, which represent the social colors of the Milanese team; even further down, in black, the writing relating to the following match CAGLIARI - INTER, followed at the bottom by the month and year in which it took place, DECEMBER 2007; finally, the classic Inter logo with the star, followed by the name, always in black, SERIE A TIM, created in such a way as to follow the circular shape of the aforementioned logo.

1986/1987 Inter Le Coq Sportif Tank Top. In that year, the Nerazzurri entrusted their bench to Giovanni Trapattoni, who fought for a long time to counter Napoli, who then won the Serie A championship: Inter, in fact, finished the season in third place.

The product is clearly represented by the photos relating to it. The tank top is white; a small yellow star is embroidered on the top left, while the small logo of the technical sponsor, Le Coq Sportif, is embroidered on the right; the logo of MISURA, the club's commercial sponsor, is embroidered in large dimensions in the centre.

The back, on the other hand, is totally white.

Season: Anni 80

80's Adidas Referee Jersey

80s Adidas Referee Jersey. The role of the referee is a crucial figure in the game of football; in fact, his decisions can even have a decisive impact on the final result of a match.

The condition of the product is clearly shown in the photos. The polo shirt has long sleeves, almost completely black, except for the white collar, the two pearl gray buttons and the company logo, also white and embroidered.

Another detail to note in the following article, the presence of two large pockets at chest height with velcro closure.

Napoli training jersey, with long sleeves, made by the technical sponsor Lotto, in collaboration with the commercial sponsor Record cucine, for the 1994/1995 season. Model compliant with the conditions that can be deduced from the attached photographic evidence. Size not specified

The jersey of the Neapolitan team is completely white.

Coat of arms of the sports club sewn on the heart side, logo of the technical sponsor Lotto applied on the right side and logo of the commercial sponsor Record cucine legible on the chest, in dark blue. Both brands are also reproduced on the back, also in dark blue.

Season: 1983/1984

Lazio pennant 1983/1984

Lazio pennant used for sporting competitions in the 1983/1984 season. Light blue background on the tip with the club name written in white and white background on the remaining part with a stylized dark blue eagle and sponsor Seleco logo. Italian tricolor on the back.

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