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The Catanzaro jacket is in very good condition. The manufacturer's size 50 label is still present inside.


The Catanzaro jacket is a full zipper model in blue. The NR patch is sewn right side, above the COOK.O.MATIC commercial sponsor that we also find on the back. On the right side, in painted, the Catanzaro inscription. 

Garment in excellent condition. Seams are intact, no rips or stains. Label with size 50 present inside.


The jacket is a highly tailored garment. Single-breasted model with classic lapels, blue in color, it is lined internally with purple stitching. Present is the inner double breast pocket and included spare buttons. Lardini label sewn on the inside. Club patch on the right side, under the breast pocket. 100% wool fabric.


The jersey is in excellent condition from a fabric standpoint, but has a few haloes and imperfections on the print. Inside label with size L.


Short sleeve home model with classic black and white pattern with vertical stripes and crew neck. Cub patch in embroidery with the two stars on the heart side and Nike mustache on the right. Tricolor badge stitched in the center. MONTERO lettering and the number 4 are printed on the back. The Football League patch is applied on the right sleeve. Commercial sponsor Fastweb.

The jersey is kept in excellent condition, no rips or halos. ABM inside label with size XL.


Home model from the 1994/1995 season in pink with black polo collar and button-down neckline. On the sleeves are two bands with technical sposnor logos. Heart side is applied the team patch in flock and on the right side the ABM logo. Printed on the back is nuemero 9 in sublimation.

The jersey is in very good condition, the color is vibrant and has no halos. Manufacturer's inside label with size XL.


Home version of the Fiorentina jersey, used for the 1991/1992 championship. Short-sleeve model with polo collar and knitted sleeve edge. Purple color and details in white. All applications are in sublimation. On the front Club patch, Lotto logo and commercial sponsor Giocheria. On the back the number 7.

The jersey is in good condition, some signs of wear in the fabric and applications, it is due to time. Inside label still present with size XXL.


Genoa goalkeeper jersey, made by Errea for the 1992/1993 season. Black color and teal inserts. Long sleeve with padding at elbows and polo collar. In flock, on the front, the Club patch on the heart side and the commercial sponsor Saiwa. Errea logo on the right, while the number 1 is printed on the back.  

The jersey appears to be in excellent condition, showing no imperfections. Inside label with size XL.


Parma jersey, long sleeve model in a bright yellow with royal blue details. The Parma patch is applied heart side, while the Puma logo is flocked on the right side. The commercial sponsor is Parmalat. On the back are printed royal blue velveteen Asprilla lettering and the number 18.

The jersey appears to be in excellent condition, keeping the white intact, with no halos or tears. Umbro label still present inside with size XL.


Home version of the Parma jersey, produced by Umbro for the 1993/1994 football season. White color with royal blue and yellow details. Short sleeve model with polo collar. Club patch in heart-side embroidery and Umbro logo on right side. Applied in the center in blue flock is the commercial sponsor Parmalat. Applied on the back is the number 10 in soft blue velveteen.

Sampdoria jersey shows in perfect condition, retaining luster and softness of fabric. Manufacturer's inside label with size XXL.


Sampdoria's first jersey is a long-sleeved model in a resplendent royal blue color.  The polo neck and cuffs are knit with white, red and black piping. Present snap button at the neckline. Sublimated St. George's cross and New Tirrena commercial sponsor in the center. Club patch applied heart side and Asics logo applied in flock on right side. White velvet lettering MIHAJLOVIC and the number 16 are printed on the back. 

The jersey appears to be in perfect condition, with undamaged fabric and colors without discontinuity. Manufacturer's label inside with size 6.


Training model of the Inter jersey produced by Mec Sport for the 1981/1982 season. Made of soft lanetta, the jersey is a navy blue model with light blue details and long sleeve. Logo with the snake stitched on the heart side and technical sponsor on the right side. The commercial sponsor is Inno Hit.

Bathrobe in excellent condition. The terry keeps its softness and the colors are vivid. Inside label with size XL.


The Roma bathrobe produced by NR for the 1989/1990 football season is red with yellow details. The NR logo is sewn on the heart side. The commercial sponsor is Barilla.

The jersey is in perfect, like-new condition. The manufacturer's label with size XXL is still present.


The second jersey of Hellas Verona is a red-colored and long-sleeved model. On the front is applied in sulblimatic the logo of the technical sponsor Errea and in flock the commercial sponsor Ferroli. The Club's patch is applied in flock on the left sleeve, while the Lega Calcio patch is sewn on the right. SIVIGLIA lettering and the number 24 are printed on the back.

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