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San Paolo shirt produced by the technical sponsor Penalty in the 1978 football season. Size L

Home model with short sleeves in white and features a cross V-neck and a collar. The two horizontal bands, red and black, positioned in the center of the shirt are characterized by the corporate colors of the Brazilian team San Paolo. These bands host, in embroidery, the corporate crest of the club

During the 1978 season, the Milton player was the top scorer with a total of 22 goals in all competitions.

2001/2002 Dundee Fc Xara Rae 8 Home Jersey. Home version of Gavin Paul Rae, midfielder for Scottish team Dundee FC at the time.

The product is clearly visible from the various photos. The shirt has long sleeves and its predominant color is blue, with the presence of white inserts; at the top left we find the club logo, while on the opposite side there is the white patch of Xara, technical sponsor; below these elements the white logo of the CERAMIC TILE WAREHOUSE sponsor is applied; the Xara logo and the BANK OF SCOTLAND SPL logo are applied on the sleeves.

On the back, in large size and in white with a gray border, the writing RAE and the number 8 appear.

Botafogo short-sleeved home jersey made by technical sponsor Adidas for the 1985/1986 season, in excellent condition. The fabric is uniform, without imperfections, and the colors are strong, not faded. Size 6

The Brazilian team's jersey is black and white vertical stripes, with black sleeves edges and V-neck. The crest of the football club is sewn on the heart side, while the logo of the technical sponsor Adidas is present on the right side in a circle with a white background. On the back, in a black box, the number 8 can be read, in white.

The Brazilian football club is based in the city of Ribeirão Preto and has always played in lower leagues, except for a very few seasons in which it played in Serie A.

The shirt produced by Diadora for the 1992/1993 football season is in good condition, the fabric is excellent, the stitching is intact, the colors are bright, there is no stain or halo of any kind. The size is XXL

Short sleeve model in black and white. The shirt is black and white checkered with the logo of the commercial sponsor Diadora in the weave. The braided V neckline is embellished by the presence of the repeated Diadora logo. The Boavista company crest is embroidered on the heart side, while the Diadora logo is embroidered on the opposite side in red. The commercial sponsor Mimosa is applied to the centre. the number 10 in red is applied on the back.

Jersey in perfect condition except for a stain on the front. Thermo-applied label inside with size L.


V-neck short sleeve model in white with blue detailing. Knitted neckline and sleeve edges. Real patch embroidered heart side and Adidas logo applied on the right side. Commercial sponsor is Bwin. Lightweight plastic DANI 9 personalization is applied on the back.

The jersey appears to be in good condition with no rips or halos. Inside label with size XXL.


Middlesbrough home model made by Errrea for the 1996/1997 season, in a vibrant red color with white details. Short sleeve and knit polo neck. Technical sponsor applied in sublimation on left, Club patch on left sleeve and Cellnet commercial sponsor in center. On the back, applied in white flock, the number 6.

The jersey appears to be in perfect condition, retaining shine in the fabric and no tears. Adidas inner label with size 7/8.


Montpellier home version, for the friendly played with Napoli in 1991/1992. White-colored model, patterned in blue and orange, with short sleeves and V-neck. The front is sublimatically printed with the logo of technical sponsor Adidas, the club symbol and the logo of commercial sponsor Eurest. On the back, applied in blue velveteen, is the number 5.  


  • -€100.00

The shirt is in very good condition and has no tears or colour discontinuities. Inside label with size XL.

Model used against Juventus in the Champions League final won by the German team.


The first Borussia jersey, in fluorescent yellow with black details, was produced by Nike for the 1995/1996 season. All the applications are in black velour contrasting with the yellow of the jersey. The commercial sponsor is Die Continentale. On the back is the personalisation with the number 15. Finally, sewn onto the left sleeve is the Champions League patch.


Ajax's first jersey of the 1993/1994 vintage is kept in good condition. Inside there is also the manufacturer's label with size XL.
The red and white color jersey is a long sleeve model with polo collar. The logo of the team is embroidered in the center and that of the technical sponsor Umbo on the right. The commercial sponsor ABN-AMRO is applied in flock lungola left. Finally, on the back we have the number 7 sewn.There is also the logo of officiality of Umbro. 

Match-issued jersey stored in excellent condition. Inside there is still the manufacturer's label with the size XL.


Barcelona home shirt of the football season 1997/1998. Model round neck and half sleeve. On the front are embroidered the patch of the team on the heart side and the logo of technical sponsor Kappa on the right. On the back is applied sublimatic print FIGO and number 9. The LFP patch is applied to the right sleeve, again in sublimatic print.

Preserved jersey in excellent condition. Also present the manufacturer's label printed on the inside with the size 9.


Chelsea short-sleeved shirt season 2011/2012 blue color with white inserts. Present on the front the Samsung logo applied to the center and ADIDAS logo on the right side, while on the heart side is sewn the crest of Chlesea. On the back are applied number 9 and lettering TORRES, as well as the writing RIGHT TO PLAY. The RESPECT patch is sewn on the left sleeve and the Champions League patch on the right.


Chelsea's seemingly disappointing season turned out to be one of the London club's most exciting. The Portuguese coach Andre Villas Boas, Mourinho's historic second, could count on players such as Fernando Torres, Drogba, Terry, Lampard and Essien, but only finished sixth in the league. He was succeeded by the Italian Roberto Di Matteo who, surprisingly, brought home the FA Cup and the Champions League. In a thrilling final against Bayern Munich it was Didier Drogba who scored the decisive goal of the tie and led the Blues to victory on penalties. 

TOP PLAYERS: Drogba, Lampard, Terry, Fernando Torres, Cech.

CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSIFICATION: 6th in the league, winner of the FA Cup and Champions League.

Shirt in excellent condition. Also present inside the manufacturer's heat-sealed label with size L.


Keita Bladè Monaco season 2019/2020 Third match shirt. On the front is applied the team logo on the heart side and is printed Kappa logo on the right side, as well as on the sides. On the back are printed lettering KEITA BALDE and number 14 in blue plastic with blue borders. On the right sleeve is the Ligue 1 patch and on the left sleeve is the logo of commercial sponsor Triangle Intèrim. The logo of the commercial sponsor FEDCOM is printed in light plastic in the center. On the bottom, on the back, there is the logo of the commercial sponsor Afflelou, inside is sewn the label of the manufacturer. On the back neck is printed the lettering DAGHE MUNEGU.


Founded in the Principality of Monaco, whose Royal Family also owns part of the corporate property, it is one of the few teams in the world in practice to be part of a foreign league, namely that of the federation of France. The classic red and white uniform cut in a crosswise manner was designed by Princess Grace Kelly herself.

TOP PLAYERS: Glik, Fabregas, Golovin, Jovetic, Ben Yedder.


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